Daravik Kotewa


Player: Terri Ruwe



Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Achani

Age: about 45 Profession: currently employed as senior bodyguard to Anelis Palpatine

Height: 5’4" Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Green


Current Position: in LOTS of trouble


Personal Information


Marital Status: single

Spouse's name:



Mother: Merulan Kotewa

Father: Kighe Kotewa

True Parents unknown to her, so far



Education: Standard low-tech schooling from age 10. Learned paramedic skills from father, electronics and computer skills from mother. Flight training, ship maintenance and repair, computer programming all taught during years with Rebel Fleet.



Note: Daravik is an untrained Force sensitive,.

she is unaware that her hunches, feelings and luck have

anything to do with the Force




Force Training: none Military History:

Master's Name: n/a Rank: Sergeant

Light or Dark: n/a Status: Inactive/Dishonorable discharge

Army: Rebel Alliance

Branch: Technical Services/Fleet


Psychological Description

IQ: high

Fears: total darkness, loss of control, drugs being used on her, having Force-users mess with her mind

Special Abilities: hand-to-hand fighter, blaster marksman, stalking & surveillance, computer hacking & security systems, lock-picking & pick-pocket skills, interrogation, intimidation

Temperament: A devil-may-care attitude, covering a serious streak. A quick temper and a LONG memory; she carries grudges. Loyal to friends.

Likes: green, growing things, small animals, snow and cold weather, children, music and flying

Dislikes: chauvinists, incompetence, drunks, irresponsibility, dishonesty, deliberate cruelty for no reason.

Pet Peeves: Bullies, lounge lizards, and being called "Sneeze"

Goals in Life:

  1. To exact vengeance on those who killed her adoptive parents,
  2. To exact vengeance upon Sgt. Grinnell, who made her life in the Rebel Fleet miserable, and who got her court-martialed,
  3. To find the meaning of the engraved silver bracelet that she owns, which some people can see and some can’t, and that she has had all her life

Favorite Color: Green Drink: cha

Pastime: see hobbies Food: chocolate

Hobbies: music, dance, data archeology, history, reading romantic



Personal History:

Employment History: (according to her age)

from 15 to 17 worked in parent’s med clinic in the city of Stenna on Achani, from 17 to 24 worked as flight crew for Rebel Alliance Fleet (-3 ANH to ESB), from 24 to 30 worked as independent Free Trader, running the Wookie’s Uncle on an eight-point trade route, from 30 to 32 worked as a contractor for Imperial Fleet through Captain Metiéh, from 32 to present worked as bodyguard to Princess Anelis Palpatine

Daravik was orphaned so you that she can’t remember her parents, even though she has some memory fragments. She survived by begging, stealing, and sneaking into the stables during the cold winter nights, and by learning to fight like a demon.

P>Her homeworld, Achani, is a sparsely settled, low-tech colony world, agrarian and generally cold, and when she was about ten or so, Kighe and Merulan Kotewa arrived on-world and set up their medical clinic. They caught Dara sneaking in one night, and convinced her first that they would not hurt her, and then that they wanted her to stay. They adopted her legally, and "civilized" her. She became best friends with Tasan Li and Jijenna Bromin. The three of them became inseprable, the neighborhood children shunnig Jenna and Tass for their friendship with Dara, who never forgot and paid back the little brats for their snobbery.

Kighe Kotewa taught Dara and her friends first aid and paramedic skills so that they could help in the clinic, and Merulan Kotewa taught her and Tass basic electronics, and computer skills so that they could help repair the equipment. The three grew up, Jenna got married, and life became very boring for her and Tass, since Achani did not support the level of technology they were really interested in.

At 17, she and Tass took passage on a Corellian freighter and hooked up with the Rebel Alliance; not for any sense of loyalty, but because the Rebels took them immediately. Dara rose in rank quickly, and soon was head of an X-wing flight crew on the secret rebel base on Yavin’s moon. Her immediate supervisor, Sgt. Grinnell, disliked her because she was very young to be so good at her work, and because she was in a position to discover the various scams he was running.

Six years later, her parents were killed by an Alliance underground bombing when a ranking Imperial officer ended up at the Kotewa’s clinic for treatment. The news reached Dara just before the battle & evacuation of Hoth. (ESB) Tass got her royally drunk, and when the Empire invaded, she still hadn’t sobered up. The resulting confrontation with Grinnell got her (and Tass) thrown into the brig, and they were left until the very last transport out. Once the Rebels were safe, they were dishonorably discharged and left on Tatooine without transport. They worked their way back to Achani, and Dara used her inheritence to buy a modified, high-speed light freighter, which she calls the Wookiee’s Uncle. Tass and her husband, Rall Timerian, were her partners in the trade run. They ran for nearly 17 years without too much trouble, staying clear of smuggling contracts and the PTA enforcers. Then, as the organized crime syndicate starts to become a pervasive threat to free traders, Dara and Tass get into a fight with some PTA stooges at Port Lansing. Tass is seriously injured and hospitalized, and Rall attends her. Dara is less seriously injured and looks for work. She is hired by Captain Metieh, and the rest is history:

ROJ +18 (91) work for imperial as general guard and grunt labor/bodyguard

ROJ +19 (92) work for imperial as close-in bodyguard

ROJ +20 (93) assigned close-in bodyguard to Anelis

framed in Passionist kidnapping of Anelis, then cleared

breaks Passionist communications code, duties of computer analysis added

Anelis becomes the mother of a son by Tachyon.

ROJ +21(94) with Anelis when Alliance captures her

Alliance intelligence investigates her, finds the records from Hoth.

Intel searches HARD for something to charge her with, finds nothing

Intel releases her, without Anelis, after two months

Anelis escapes, with the help of Princess Leia

Promoted to chief bodyguard when Anelis moves to Palace (Safire Valles) on Dhiva IV.

Supports Anelis through the death, resurrection, and kidnapping of the Emperor.

ROJ +22(95) Anelis orders her to bring her partners Tass and Rall, and their son Kerrik to her. Kerrik is kept for Force training.

Anelis marries Jarek Alderson, whom Daravik does not trust.

Alderson stages a coup and declares himself "king" and Anelis "queen".

Anelis indicates to Daravik that she is waiting for Alderson to make a mistake, and the real Emperor to reappear.

Daravik watches as Anelis creates a clone of Princess Leia, as a possible ally (with Dark Side training) against Alderson.

ravik is with the Red Guard team that goes to arrest Alderson, only to find that Anelis has killed him.

The "real" Emperor is restored to power and everything is fine. We're all fine here, how are you?

ROJ +23(96) Anelis confides in Daravik somewhat as she is being cut out of the "loop" as the Emperor grows more and more secretive.

Anelis gives birth to twin sons, Gareth and Gahan, by Alderson.

Anelis is sent to conquer the Alderson worlds, and there are several that have to be bombarded. Daravik keeps close watch for assassination attempts.

Anelis adopts three children from Tantulus, one of the Alderson Worlds.

The Senate is re-established, and Daravik is ordered to run for Senator of her homeworld, Achani, which she does.

ROJ +24(97) Anelis' Palace on Dhiva IV, Safire Valles, is attacked by mercenaries and her children kidnapped. Daravik is severely injured defending the children. Anelis' eldest adopted son, Torian, is killed.

Daravik spends several weeks in the hospital, having crushed and mangled bones replaced with synthetics.

Her friend, Jenfaera Aull is tried for treason.

Daravik spends her bedridden time using her access as the heir's chief of security/ bodyguard/analyst to access Imperial computer files that she finds had been altered, all of which implicate Jen after alteration.

Daravik is released, and joins Anelis on the quest to retrieve the children from the orphanages they have been traced to. She brings the matter of Jen to Anelis' attention, but they arrive "too late" to stop Jen's execution.

They retrieve and revive Jen, and present the evidence Daravik found to the military court. Jen is reinstated, and her superior, who framed her, is executed.

Anelis and party go back to the orphanage, but during their delay, the children have been removed by an unknown party.

During the Port Lansing talks, Daravik gets in a barfight with Kyra Matthews which gets both of them in a whole heap of trouble.

Luke Skywalker contacts Anelis through the Diplomats and offers to return the four younger children, which are the ones who have been left with him. Prism Nighthawk brought them, and kept Garrick. Tara Alderson-Palpatine and Daravik are sent to retrieve them. Kyra turns up at the same time, and Daravik booby-traps Kyra's ship. The trap is unfortunately sprung by Ricia Targen. Daravik and Tara return with the children.

Garrick mysteriously appears at the Palace on Byss, with few memories of his experience.

ROJ +25(98) Anelis confides that the man who is "Emperor" is an imposter, and is waiting for the right moment to expose him.

The impostor flees before the Port Lansing gathering when his position becomes untenable.

Daravik accompanies Anelis and several other loyalists to the planet where the true Emperor has been imprisoned in stasis.

Daravik accompanies Anelis to Port Lansing where she receives an award for helping to rescue the true Emperor, and snarls at Kyra every time they pass.

Assists Anelis with decanting the Leia clone and imprinting her with the proper memories.

Helps Anelis substitute the clone for the real Leia after Leia's dark side training is given to Darana.

Plants the real Leia, with false memories, in the proper place to be of confusion to the Alliance.

Anelis decides to conquer Yavin and destroy the Jedi Academy to impress her father with her loyalty and skill. Daravik goes along, and acts to help round up the fleeing Jedi students.

ROJ +26(99)

Anelis becomes ill during dinner one night, and Daravik literally drags her to the Diamond, except that Tachyon intercepts the shuttle, gasses everyone and makes off with Anelis.

Daravik stands with the rest of the personnel in the shuttle to take her punishment when called before the Emperor. Starts an investigation of her own, unfortunately, Tachyon has covered his tracks too well.

Anelis is returned by Tachyon at the Port Lansing talks, and Daravik takes up her duties as bodyguard once again.

Daravik runs into Princess Leia while accompanying Anelis for a dress fitting. Leia wonders why Daravik is radiating such anger, and they talk, Daravik reluctantly. She tells Leia why she feels the way she does about the Rebels. Leia promises to look into the matter of Grinnell and her unjust court-martial.

ROJ +27(00) Daravik works with Anelis to beef up security at the Sith Academy when the Emperor places Anelis in charge. Acts as aide to Anelis during preparations for the Emperor's wedding at Port Lansing.



During the Lansing conflict, goes after Kyra again, decompressing her quarters.

Tosses Anelis into a shuttle with Lt. Rowan as pilot when the station starts to implode.

Begins feeling uneasy as Anelis trains her children, especially for the adopted daughter, Tivea, who very much reminds Daravik of herself.

Relationships with Other Personae:

Dislikes rebels in general; especially the famous rebels, and particularly Rebel Intell.

She has a vendetta against Kyra Matthews; since Kyra was with Rebel Intell during several kidnapping incidents that Daravik blames on the Rebels.

Daravik has worked with most of the high-ranking Imperials: The Emperor, Princess Anelis, Princess Raven, The Grand Vizier, Captain Metieh, Colonel Logan, Francis Six, Sindy DeSade, Crimson Darknight, Catriat Aull, Lord Oscar Kahn, Lady Jessica, Darana, and Lord Taras, Lady Pantheira and Jenfaera Aull.

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