Daysha Skylar-Casselbury

Local Color

Player: Debbie Casselbury


Race:  Human 	           
Homeworld:  Bespin/Cloud City  
Age:  30          	          
Height:  5' 2"                      
Weight:  110 lbs. 
Hair:  Pale Blonde, usually wears gold metallic wig.
Eyes:  Light blue
Profession:  Entertainer and owner/manager of nightclub chain.


Marital Status:  Married
Spouse's name:  Governor James Casselbury
Children: Pending
Mother: Iiaa Skylar
Father: Unknown

Education:  Dropped out of Cloud City public school system to work as
entertainer and financially support her mother.


Force Training:  n/a
Military Background: n/a


IQ:  Average

Temperament:  Intensely social, expressive, hard-driven, and often impatient.

Likes:  All kinds of art, music and dance, glittery costumes, Cloud City

Dislikes:  Bureaucrats, weapons and war.  

Pet Peeves:  Her love of gambling.

Goals in Life:  Pleasing every audience, great and small; being a loyal and
loving wife to her Governor husband.

Favorite Color:  Gold

Food:  Pasta Edame' 

Drink:  Ora Wine

Pastime:  Managing her nightclubs, socializing and entertaining with her
band, The Patriots.

Hobbies:  Painting and sketching portraits of people, designing stage
costumes, writing poetry.


Daysha was born an illegitimate child of a beautiful prostitute in Cloud
City.  Her mother, Iiaa Skylar, ran a popular 'escort' service in the inner
city.  When Daysha was 14, she entered a city talent showcase and won a
large monetary award for her dancing.  Iiaa immediately took her out of
school and played up her daughter's talent for all it was worth.  Daysha
began working in a number of nightclubs throughout Cloud City and one
night, Lando Calrissian came in one and saw her dance act.   Lando soon
developed a friendship with Daysha and her mother, then began to manage her
career.   Daysha learned to gamble from her mother and Lando, but her luck
was never very good.  Lando introduced Daysha in cantinas and entertainment
halls on other planetary systems.  Once on a visit to Tatooine, Daysha had
to do a 'forced' performance for Jabba the Hutt.  There she met the famed
singer Sy Snootles, where they became friends and shared professional
secrets.  Today, Daysha loves to boast that she "survived Jabba's
Palace"...just barely -- but that's another story.

When she was 25, Daysha met Governor Casselbury while he was a patron at
one of the nightclubs she worked at and saw her dance act.  They formed a
friendship and fell in love.  Despite various issues they disagreed on , he
asked Daysha to be his wife.  They were married on his Imperial Super Star
Destroyer and spent their wedding night there and later met up with the
surviving family members on his homeworld of Archdale.  As a wedding gift,
the Governor purchased and gave her the nightclub where they had met.  He
financed her dream to own a chain of entertainment clubs across the galaxy.
 Today she manages The Silver Comet, her exclusive nightclub in Cloud City,
as well as a smaller chain of clubs on Ord Mandell, Tatooine, Coruscant,
Zeltros, Mandalore and Sullust.   She frequently sings lead with her famous
band The Patriots.

A successful portrait artist on the side, she has done paintings and
sketches of such people as Princess Leia Organa,  Empress Azarra, Admiral
Gija Metieh, Prism Nighthawk and Avon, and many others.  Daysha considers
herself a peace activist and carries no weapons.  She doesn't like to take
sides for the Empire or the New Republic.  She admires the Jedis and is
awed by Force Users in general, for she has no claim for skill in this
mystic art form.