Deveron Rikard Francisco Arsein-Davis

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Physical Description

Species/Race: Humanity, Darkover Comyn extraction
Sex: Male
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Actual Age: 39
Maximum Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Trim
Hair: Fire Red
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian, mildly tanned
Scars/Tattoos/Identifying Marks:
Appearance: Conservative.
Clothing: Subdued colors in classic styles, off-black, white, tan, gray with mild color accents. On formal occasions he tends to wear the Ridenow family colors of Green and orange. Is well used to leather, cloth, fur and embroidery, his native culture's preference, tho not in excess.
Mannerisms: Tends not to touch others, or does so very lightly due to telepathic sensitivity.
Recognition Handle:
Health/Injuries/Illness: Threshhold Sickness.

Personal Information

Aliases Used: None

IQ: Very High

Homeworld/Homeland: Betawan VII/Davis Fleet

Social Class/Status: Upper middle class. Lower upper class (Comyn) on Darkover

Profession/Duties: Scholar

Mythos/Religion: Darkovan (mild adherence)

Homeland Terrain: Betawan: Temperate. Darkover: Cool

Liege/Patron/Mentor: None

Clan: Davis Family, Darana's Household

Reputation: Calm

Heritage: Descended from Comyn bandit lords, raised in a stellar pirate family.

Honor: High

Coat of Arms/Colors: Ridenow Colors (Green and orange)

Military History:

Rank: Captain
Status: Retired
Army: Troyan Planetary Forces
Branch: Ground Forces-Special Ops


Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouseís Name: Anna Kerasse/Darana Surragar-Cairnfell
Children:Michael Cairnfell (adopted)
Grandparents: Janara Arsein and Avril Davis.
Mother: Doriann Arsein-Davis
Father: Brin Moaryn-Davis
Siblings: Margali Arsein-Davis (twin sister)
Half-Siblings: Alar, Chrystal & Theolinda, Clea, Arien, Regis
Birth Rank: First of Eight
Family: Extremely large extended family. See Davis Family.
Uncles and Aunts: Jacen (Dec), Mirand, Caradoc, Dhaumen, Domenic, Valentine, Edin & Emrin, Marion, Carolin (Dec), Ruyven (Dec), Liriel
Cousins: Too many to list.
Nieces/Nephews: Aldeberon & Ralf, Raych & Derrin, Conn & Colin, Jon & Malcolm, (Unborn twins)

Psychological Description

Concept/Template Type: The serious character in the Davis family. Powerful but burned.

Alignment/Light/Dark: Neutral Good, Light

Superstitions: None

Traits: Honesty, loyalty

Nature: White Knight

Demeanour: Scholar

Fears: Situations where he can not stop the inevitable.

Personality/Temperament: A scholar. Calm and considerate of others. Reserved. Controlled. Loner now by nature. Unlike the usually mercenary attitudes of the Family, he understands honor and respects it.

Likes: Knowledge. Playing games of wits with those equal to the challenge.

Dislikes: Tampering with the truth and rewriting history. Manipulative women preying on others. Interfering in peopleís lives. Losing important matters.

Pet Peeves: The Empire for twisting the truth and wantonly destroying the past by rewriting history.

Motivation/Objectives/Goals in Life: Pass on what he has learned to someone who will understand, and maybe help someone not to make the same mistakes he did. To form a family with Darana and Michael.


Favorite Color: Jade green

Hobbies: Finding obscure places, passing on knowledge

Pasttimes: Games of strategy

Favorite Drink: Non-alcoholic

Favorite Food: Stuffed unisex salmon (one in a thousand salmon is 'unisex' (both or neither gender I forget). The meat is considered exceptional.

Special Abilities

  • Matrix Science (Laran training) Strong telepathy and weather manipulation manifested through a small blue crystal worn around his neck. Laran abilities diminish with range from the crystal but can be magnified when in a Circle of similarly trained psionicists. The size of the matrix determines how much it can magnify the energy fed into it. Deveron's stone is large. (see the Darkover series of books). Trained initially by Jacen Arsein-Davis. He is currently Teneresteis level (Keeper).

    Weapon Proficiencies: Capable with Blaster, sword and dagger.

    Non-Weapon Proficiencies/Skills: Able pilot and diplomat. Horseback riding.

    Innate Abilities: Ridenow Gift (Scenting and contacting alien intelligences, empathy)

    Languages: Darkovan, Tradespeak


    Residences: Current residence, Darana's House on Coruscant, guest quarters.

    Vessels/Ships: Neskaya, Incom Scout ship (crew 1 Speed/Hexes 5(upgraded)/1(upgraded), Hull 2d6, Shields 2d6 addition, Cargo Space: minimal, armament: 1 quad laser cannon 4d6)

    Wealth/Money/Coins: Quite wealthy

    Basic Equipment: Dagger. Energy food bars.

    Special Gear/Magical Items: Starstone. Catenas

    Valuables/Treasure: Various small delicate antique wood carvings, generally of beautiful serene women. Some tapestries. Antique wooden furniture. Small antique glass pieces and ceramics in muted glowing colors.

    Books: Many, covering various cultures, languages and family history

    Animal Companions: None

  • Background/Personal History



    Death: -

    Notable Achievements: None

    Education: Public education on Betawan VII. Doctorate from University of Coruscant in XenoSociology and degrees in Galactic History and Religions. Matrix Technology.

    Game History

    Deveron is Margaliís elder twin and a rarity in the Family. He is extremely powerful.

    At a young age Deveron realized that the Family was very insular and found that it wasnít enough for him to merely be a smuggler or pirate all his life.

    The Family sent him to the University of Coruscant where he met Anna. Deveron was very young and in love when he met her and was heavily scarred when the non-Family marriage ended in a bitter divorce years later.

    He went back to school and got his Doctorate before moving on. This is not a happy time in his life and he does not talk about it, and it is because of her that he is now a loner, not often becoming involved with those outside of the Family despite that he forgave her years ago and went on with his life. Anna effectively drained all the youth and vibrancy out of him, and the Family was shocked at the change in him by the time he divorced her.

    Several years later, he and his once teacher, his uncle Jacen, were traveling the Rim Worlds together when they accidentally became embroiled in an Imperial action on Troyan. They were mistaken for sympathizers and used their abilities to escape. They were identified and rewards posted. They wound up hiding with the underground for several months unable to leave. The group was sold out and Jacen died in the assault. Deveron managed to escape Troyan and with the help of the Family, return home. The Empire suspected he was a Jedi from the reports and placed a bounty on his head.

    Over the years, Deveron traveled extensively, acquiring knowledge and picking up information for the Family on occasion. When home, he would teach the children the use of their psionic Laran, and sometimes, he would take a special student with him when he left in order to give them further training. His nephew Derrin was one such, and the two formed a strong bond.

    Derrin and Aldeberonís half sister, Janin, was captured by the Empire and taken to Bíyss by Darana Cairnfell for Sith training. Through Janinís mind, Darana had be≠come aware of the family and contacted Mirand, the matriarch of the Family. As part of a deal, the Family sent an observer to make certain Janin was well treated. Mirand and the Patriarch chose Deveron. Deveron arrived and immediately found he and Darana had much in common. She exerted herself to be charming, and showed an interest in laran. Over the next few weeks as he watched Darana, learned more about her through the laran training bonds, he found he was tired of his solitary existance and he thought they would deal well together, so he proposed to her.

    The Family reaction was strong. Deveron was unique among them, and highly respected, but never quite understood. Deveron had always done things his way, and the idea of bringing a possible enemy into the Family was unprecedented. Deveron argued his case to Mirand and Levar, and seeing he would not back down, with great hesitation, Deveron was allowed to present Darana to the Family. Darana made a good impression, calming their worst fears and they were married in a triple ceremony with Star and Sylviar.

    Deveron is of the Family, but has always been apart from the Family. Occasionally a student would help fill his yearning for someone to share with, but the students always moved on. Darana accepted his proposal for the same reason he offered it to her, both had something the other wanted or needed, and they were compatible. He came to care for her and her son Michael, but was aware that she could one day jeopardize those he loved and that he might have to kill her, or be killed by her if the Emperor demanded it of her. Despite this, Deveron grew to love her. Darana too had developed emotions for him, and so Deveron told her of an old Comyn custom, di catenas, a Darkovan form of marriage stronger than the Freehold style they had used. She agreed, and through the catenas the two became laran bonded.

    Although the marriage went well the higher profile of the Family in the Empire made it difficult for operations and within a few months things became much too hot. A Family meeting was held and the Family Jumped out of the galaxy to search for a new home in the Unexplored Regions. Deveron went along knowing the Family would need his power to find a new world. Unfotrunately he had not foreseen how long this would take.

    Darana filed for divorce in the Empire after the first two years. They had long since been out of contact over the enormous galactic distances. Five more passed before the Family finally found a suitable system of worlds and Deveron's patience was at an end. Deveron requested permission to return to the Empire and his wife, and the Family had little choice but to let him.

    World Notes:

    See the Darkover series of books, by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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