Name: Jeris, Viscount Donserin Player: John Medkeff

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Darain

Age: 60 Profession: Diplomat

Height: Weight:

Hair: Eyes:

Current Position: Alliance Defense Minister, and Council member

Personal Information

Marital Status: Widowed

Spouse's name: Gaela Rinsara


Mother: Linsa Morl (d)

Father: Berin, Viscount Donserin (d)

Education: BA Univ of Darain, Ph.D. Univ. of Coruscant





Force Training: None Military History:

Master's Name: Rank: Captain

Light or Dark: Status: Inactive (overage)

Army: Darainian Army

Branch: Arty.


Psychological Description

IQ: High Fears: Special Abilities: None

Temperament: Watchful



Pet Peeves:

Goals in Life: Rebuild the Republic


Favorite Color: Red Drink: White Wine

Pastime: Food:

Hobbies: Chess


Personal History:



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