Doriann Arsein-Davis


Physical Description
Race:	Human	
Homeworld: Betawan VII
Age:	53	
Profession: Retired Pirate
Height:	5'10"
Weight:	Trim
Hair:	Black
Eyes:	Dark

Personal Information

Marital Status:	Married
Spouse's Name: [the Family, no closer ties]
Children: Deveron/Margali [38], Alar [30], Chrystal/Theolinda [28], Clea [23], Arien [19], Regis [18]

Mother:	Janara Arsein-Davis
Father:	Avril Davis
Siblings: Caradoc Arsein-Davis (twin brother)

Education: Public education on Betawan VII. Doctorate in Astrophysics and Mathematics. Minored [B.S.] in Literature.

Force Training:	Yes [Laran psionics]
Master's Name:	Valerian Arsein-Davis
Light or Dark:	Grey

Psychological Description

IQ: Very High	

Fears: None.

Temperament: A beautiful and intelligent woman in command of a
powerful ship, she is very secure and sure of herself. Overachiever.
Extremely well adjusted. Cool under fire. She kills when neces sary,
and it bothers her not at all.

Likes: Knowledge. Men of intelligence and per sonality. Seeing her
descendants succeed.  A challenge. Old fashioned men. Bravery.

Dislikes: Blandness, whiners, those who dont try.

Pet Peeves: None, she either ends the problem or ends all contact
with it.

Goals in Life: See to it her offspring enjoy life to the fullest, and
herself too.


Favorite Color: Scarlet 
Drink: Fine wines
Pasttime: Meeting men 
Food: Food with flavor, (Stuffed Mushrooms)
Hobbies: Dancing, Zero-G Gymnastics

Military History:

Rank:	Lt. Senior Grade/Lt. Junior Grade
Status:	Retired/Deserter
Army:	Betawan Planetary Forces/Imperial
Branch: Fleet-Pilot/Fleet [Capital Ship Pilot)

Special Abilities

Strong Empathic abilities manifested through a small blue crystal
worn around her neck.  Laran abilities diminish with range from the
crystal but can be magnified when in a Circle of similarly trained
psionicists. (See the Darkover series of books)

Good pilot and excellent shot, particularly with ships weaponry.
Command training. Works out regularly, including weights.

Personal History:

Doriann and Caradoc were born two years after their parents marriage
and escape from Cottman IV. More so than the following genera tions,
she and the others of her generation are in touch with their heritage
on Cottman 1V.

She was an intelligent and pretty child who could have become spoiled
except that Janara would put up with none of her nonsense. Doriann
learned to use her head instead of her body, and later on when she
emerged as a striking young woman, her body as well.

She liked men, and at first made mistakes outside the family until
her uncle Valerian took her in hand to begin her Laran training. The
closeness of the Laran training led to a different form of closeness,
and it wasnt long before Doriann was learning all kinds of things. By
the time they parted a few years later, Doriann had formed high
standards which she has never dropped.

New members were joining the Family, and one of these was Brin
Moaryn. Doriann and Brin hit it off immediately, and Deveron and
Margali were born soon after. Doriann was 15.

Once she was old enough, she went through college and University,
then joined the military to improve her piloting abilities.

Valerian died in space when she was 21.

After several years, Doriann transferred into the Imperial Fleet. She
maneuvered herself into a position of importance [mistress to an
Admiral] and began feeding information to the Family while studying
Imperial technology. She was able to steal the plans for a new class
of Star Destroyer under development at the time, but blew her cover
to do so. Doriann stole a ship and disappeared into space, the
Admiral was executed.

Doriann was too well known to be in the public eye anymore, and so
she transferred from the Familys Intelligence operation to their
pirate fleet. Her military experience and training served her well,
and she was given more and more responsibility. All records of her
existence outside the Family were systematically destroyed.

Back in the Family, she resumed having children and Alar was born of
a fling with her new commanding officer, Magnan Graele. She had three
children by Jen Holling, Chrystal and Theolinda [twins], and then

Her parents went missing in Avrils freighter, the Sabaac Queen, and
were later discovered to have died as their ship exploded, victim of
a rival pirate attack. The rival pirates were hunted down and killed,
their operations taken over by the Davises.

Dorianns daughter Margali, now 20, brought Davin Firestorm into the
Family, but out of contrariness he married Doriann and the rest of
the Family, not Margali. Doriann put up with this arrangement until
Margali was about to give birth to her first set of twins by him, and
arranged to get him drunk. He was then married to Margali at blaster
point and Margalis first grandchildren, Aldeberon and Rad-ue were

Margalis twin brother, Deveron, also got married, to a girl he met in
college. Doriann had met Anna and didnt like the calculating young
woman. After a few years, Anna left Deveron.  Doriann broke from
hiding to go see him, and convinced him to continue his education and
get his Doctorate now that he was so close. He did, and it helped,
but Doriann never forgave Anna for the change in her son.

Doriann resumed full time pirate activities and was very busy. She
continued to have affairs and bore Arien and then Regis to Davin a
few years later.

The first generation of Davises were dead, as well as several
cousins, nieces, nephews, and two of her younger brothers. Doriann
became even more determined that those who remained would have the
best chances to survive that she could give them, and she made
certain that all of her children and grandchildren were prepared.

The life expectancy of a Davis is some where in the fifties, and
Doriann is 58. She and her twin brother and their elder sister Mirand
[59] are now the eldest members born into the Family.

Doriann is one of the top people in the Family and commands the DHC
Succubus, a modified Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser. She handled heavy
assault jobs for the Family and provided fire support for their
Wingstar repair station the rest of the time.

Over time the Family began to support the rebels with smuggled
shipments, blind drops of material and eventually some of their
younger people joining to keep an eye on rebel activities.  The
longer the rebels lasted the more attention the Empire would have to
devote away from anti-pirate activity.

Unfortunately, Doriann's grand-daughter Janin
was captured by the Empire and held prisoner by Darana Cairnfell.  Darana quickly learned of the
laran crystals and Family, and contacted Mirand. The Family
representatives met with Darana and forged an agreement, Doriann's
son Deveron was sent to monitor Darana's activities and Janin's
safety. Within the month to the Family's shock he reported that he
wished to marry Darana and had begun to teach her laran.

Darana was brought to meet the assembled Davises and married into the
entire Family.  Although the marriage seemed to go well the higher
profile of the Family made it difficult for operations and within a
few months things became much too hot. The Family Jumped out of the
galaxy to search for a new home in the Unexplored Regions. Doriann
and Deveron went along, tho Janin and her grandchildren in the
Alliance did not.

Several years passed before the Family found a suitable home and
became established once more. Missing Darana, Deveron requested
permission to return to the Empire. Doriann's grandchildren in the
Empire and Alliance drew her to return with her son.

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