Dragon Ace

Local Color

Player: Cathy Kehoe

Physical Description

Race: unknown, appears humanoid Homeworld: hidden

Age: hidden Profession: Cantina owner

Height: 6’ 4" Weight: 225

Hair: no hair, covered in pearl, iridescent Eyes: silver

and crystal light light blue scales

Current Position: Cantina owner

Personal Information

Marital Status: married

Spouse's name: Hidden

Children: not yet.

Mother: hidden

Father: hidden


Education: human equivalent, grad school


Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Not yet Looking Rank:

Light or Dark: Light Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: extremely high Fears: classified: the fall of her world, over run of her world to outsiders common knowledge: vulnerability

Special Abilities: low level, mind probe, mind control, cooking

Temperament: calm, reserved

Likes: intelligent conversation, good food

Dislikes: others, sometimes

Pet Peeves: insensitive people, people being given as gifts

Goals in Life: save her world


Favorite Color: all colors Drink: bubbling water

Pastime: cooking Food: raw steak

Hobbies: reading, studying



Personal History:

Dragon Ace is known as a bipedal humanoid that owns the Dragon Star Cantina. Those who are force users can sense the immense grief that she is suffering from. Her ship is huge, it is called the Salvation. She is looking for someone to help her advance in the ways of the force.

OOC: Dragon Ace is the cover name she uses, in common her true form is considered to be called a dragon. Only one person has ever seen her true form. DragonAce wishes to keep outsiders from discovering, or at least from coming to her world. She is the current ruler and she is the rarest of her race. She is a species of "dragon" that is almost gone from her planet and she is highly valued.

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