Dral Warthen



Rank: Colonel
Status: Active Army: Rebel Alliance
Branch: Intelligence/Special Ops, and Head of the Trasiir

Home world: Yavin
Age: 36 (Birth date: 66.06.10) Profession: Disguise Expert/Infiltrator
Hair: Dusty Blonde
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Steel Blue


Marital Status: Single
Concubine's Name: Zierna Crand
Children: Tamiron Warthen
Siblings: Vir Darkhawk-Warthen (brother)
Mother: Elaina Warthen (deceased)
Father: Vraxis Warthen

Education: General primary education, Imperial Academy (not completed).
Force Training: No
Master's Name: Not Applicable
Light or Dark: Not Applicable


IQ: Average
Fears: Dral is mildly unsure of himself especially when leading, angered easily, hates and fears Dark Lords, fears being controlled. Temperament: Dral is: loyal, honorable, hotheaded, caring and STUBBORN. Likes: His family and friends, weapons, teamwork, his ship: the Dragon, fighting the Imperials.

Dislikes: Dark Lords, Imperials, stuffy leader types, and manipulators. Pet Peeves: Doesn't like the responsibility of leadership.

Goals in Life: The fall of the Empire, keep Yavin safe and protect his family, have peace, honor, and freedom throughout the galaxy.

Favorite Color: Blue and silver.
Food: Well prepared fowl.
Pastime: Marksmanship and swords.
Drink: Yavin ale.

Hobbies: Experimenting with disguise techniques, camping in the Yavin Mountains.

Special Abilities: Sharp shooter, hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman, as well as a disguise artist. Dral is a mild Force Empath. He is receptive to Force telepathy yet has a high resistance to mind control, Dral is able, with practice, to initiate contact with those he has mind links with.


Dral Warthen was born and raised on the Yavin moon, Massassi. The moon is called Yavin by its inhabitants. His father, Vraxis, was a warrior in the Clone Wars and was thought killed by a Dark Lord when Dral was young. Dral thought he felt his father's death and he subconsciously shut down his latent Force talent. This scarred Dral, and has contributed to his being a brooding person.

When Dral was old enough, he enrolled in the Imperial Academy, believing the Empire to be the benevolent force in the galaxy like most everyone else. During his training, his mother died. He returned to Yavin for the Ceremony of Passage and was given a message hologram from a family friend. Later, Dral would discover that this man was with his family by the order of the Emperor years ago. The hologram was a recording of Vraxis who explained that he felt Palpatine's agents were out to kill him, and he wished to be avenged.

Dral swore so on his father's grave, putting a gash in his left palm with his (once his father's) vibroblade. The people of Yavin are an honorable and ceremonial sort.

Dral left the Empire but benefited from his training. He developed a liking for weapons. Dral owns his father's vibroblade and disguise kit. He also has his father's necklace: a dragon claw holding a multi-faceted crystal on a leather thong. He did mercenary and free spacer work till the destruction of the first Death Star.

Dral joined the Rebellion, meeting legends such as Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. He had achieved the rank of lieutenant in the Alliance forces. He proved his worth on missions involving a good fight or covert operations as well. He was an evac casualty on Hoth, and was part of Operations during the Battle of Endor on a blockade runner.

Dral has fought the Imperials at Port Lansing for many years. He has had the opportunity to command strike teams. He was proud of these accomplishments, but prefers to follow. Dral was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He was also given medals for honor and loyalty.

He still does free trade with his freighter: the Dragon, mainly to keep his merc contacts fresh.

Over the years, Dral has made many enemies. A Sith Lord manipulated Dral into leaving the Alliance or, due to mechanical implantation and mental conditioning, Dral would be forced to try to kill any friend who was a Force user. He avoided confrontations with them for a while. Princess Leia Organa-Solo called a mission to help him. They found and freed him. This experience has intensified Dral's resistance to Force mind control.

Dral served as honor guard during Kirienne Solo's Jedi Knighting. He is honor-bound to the Alliance, and to protect Leia whenever possible. When he first met Leia, and after some time, Dral realized that she is the epitome of what they fight for and has since become her formal bodyguard.

Dral was made a Commander in the Alliance, and later transferred completely to Intelligence/Special Operations. With the change from being primarily Fleet Operations to Ground Forces, Dral changed to his current rank of Colonel. He has established quite a reputation in these departments.

Dral's Special Operations' assignments have included: the formation of the Yavin Security Net, two large interlocking rings that encircle the Massassi planet screening all craft going there and is equipped with heavy weaponry; the Yavin Ship Yards and Drydock, hidden from the Empire in the long range scan shadow of the Yavin gas giant; the reformation of the Flight of Dragons; and a long stint in Silver Flight.

Vraxis Warthen was discovered to be alive, and father and son had a tearful reunion.

A few years ago, Dral was captured from Yavin during a vast assault on the planet by the order of the Emperor. At that time, Zierna Crand, Dral's concubine, was pregnant with his child. Dral was cloned. A rescue attempt succeeded in rescuing the clone, as the real Dral was put in carbon freeze. The clone infiltrated the Alliance and captured, framed and mind controlled several key members of the Alliance.

At that year's Lansing Station conference shortly after the clone betrayed the Alliance openly and "Dral" joined the Empire, Rauss; a long missing friend of the Warthen family and a hated enemy of cloning, killed Dral's clone in public view with the aid of Mara Jade.

The real Dral had been released from his carbonite prison by members of the Ring Star Legion and was currently being harbored within their group in disguise by their leader, Taereel (an old friend). He fell to the floor screaming as the clone, desperate to live, tried to take the real Dral over, mentally. Dral was able to shunt it to his subconscious, but its malign influence could be seen in effect afterwards.

Dral held a ceremony to induct worthy and honorable beings into a group of squires (called Trasiir in the Old Yavin tongue) to the Jedi.

Zierna gave birth to a beautiful boy, whose eyes mirrored the wonders of the galaxy, and houses the spirit of a deceased Jedi Master, Tamiron Colmar. The baby was given the first name of this Jedi friend of Vraxis.

Soon after Lansing, Dral went on a spree of Imperial Red Guard killings until he was caught by the Sith Lady, Darana Cairnfell (which was the purpose of the murders in the first place). Since then, he has realized that he had to exorcise this evil from him.

Dral performed a Dream Quest, called the Dey'Nar, to purge his inner demons, surrounded by friends and family.

Unknown to Dral at the time, the family friend that Palpatine planted many years ago took Vraxis and Elaina's firstborn child and told them he was stillborn. His older brother served with the Imperial Red Guard and was named Vir Darkhawk.

Dral and Vir met and sometime after learning the truth, Palpatine agreed to turn Vir over to Dral in exchange for a future service. Dral tentatively agreed, due to Vir being sequestered deep within the impregnable Imperial Palace.

Also during this confrontation, Dral had an odd flashback to a past life where he defended a past incarnation of Palpatine: a King and his Champion. Deep within himself, Dral knows this to be true, and it terrifies him, because after the Emperor's near-death experience, Dral was pleased to learn that he lived.

Other occurrences have supported the validity of this. At one of the recent Lansing conferences, Dral met up again with Lady Sybil. She alleges that she, unlike the others of the odd pantheon of chosen people like the Emperor and Dral, has not died and been reincarnated, but has lived for thousands of years and claims that she is a balance of Light and Dark sides of the Force. Sybil coerced Dral to go into a trance to investigate his own trail through eternity and he briefly used the Force to sense the life of a plant. Dral broke out of it, knowing the trance was not of Sybil's doing but on his own, and was horrified at his potential starting to come forth.

The Trasiir and some of the Jedi recently defeated new evil dragons that had sprung up on Yavin. Dral's clone had given genetic material to a Sith geneticist, but they had no idea that she would propagate the whole species again, including the good dragons which the Trasiir discovered to exist, as well. Only a few good dragons died and most of the evil dragons were destroyed.

Recently Dral discovered that he is an avatar of a spirit being of the universe called the Celestial Dragon of Order. Her ethereal form is as large as the galaxy. Dral has had great difficulty in accepting this with everything else that has happened to him over the years. But he is now more confident after visiting the world of the Order Dragons, on his own.

Dral, after all that had happened, decided to enter the Diplomatic Department of the Alliance for he felt that he could no longer take sides, for the scope of things had grown in his frame of reference; there is not just Light and Dark, but Order and Chaos. He didn't hate Palpatine at this time, and in an odd way secretly felt loyalty to him, and he hoped to aid Palpatine out of what Dral considers to be insanity. Also, Palpatine appeared to be trying to peacefully coexist with the Jedi and the New Republic at this point.

However, events occurred including several Jedi students' "disappearance" from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's Deep Space Station for the Jedi, Knights' Haven, and the dark atrocities of many Sith against innocents in the New Republic, has influenced Dral's reasoning and the old, brooding, vengeful aspects of his personality returned. At this time, Dral has many secret endeavors planned. Also, now that an alien threat from another galaxy is over, the war has been heating up yet again, between the Imperial and Alliance forces.

A few years ago, Dral and others went on a mission to defeat a threat to the entire galaxy. An extra-dimensional species had planned on destroying our galaxy and adding it to their own by use of destructive energies that would first destroy hyperspace travel and then slowly eradicating our galaxy. Dral has recently returned from this mission, successful but unaware of the current affairs since his many years away.

Dral Warthen is quick to anger but loyal and honorable. He stands by his friends, and is proving to be an excellent parent.

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