Player: Amanda Kraft


Physical Description:


Age:     16

Race: Human

Height:    5 feet 2 inches

Weight:    115 lb.

Hair Color:    Reddish Brown

Eye Color:    Hazel


Other Distinguishing Marks: none


Current Status:    Missing from Tnemele; Under ownership of Klaw

Current Job:    Training under Anelis at the Imperial Sith Academy


Military History


Army:     N/A

Branch:    N/A

Rank:     N/A

Special Abilities:   Pyrokinesis, Telepathy


Personal Information:


Homeworld:    Seema

Marital Status:   Single

Spouse's name:   N/A

Children:    N/A


Father's Name:   Daniel (deceased)

Race:    Human

Homeworld:   Seema

Background:   Head of Imperial military defense


Mother's Name:   Rebecca (missing)

Race:    Human

Homeworld:   Seema

Background:   N/A


Education:    Imperial Academy Elementary/Middle/High School of Seema and currently a student of the Imperial Sith Academy


 Force Training:   very little

 Master:    Princess Anelis

 Light or Dark:   Dark

 Employment History:  N/A


Psychological Description:


IQ:     Average

Temperament: Very short temper. Will easily take to physical violence.

Fears:     Rebels (killed her father), Bounty Hunters, Antlophobia (fear of floods)

Likes:     Fire, Animals, Meeting new people

Dislikes:    excessive physical conditioning, liars, being alone

Pet Peeves:    Bad pick-up lines

Goals in Life:   Train under Anelis and become a Sith. Then get together an army and avenge her father's death. Also to find her mother.




Color:     Red and Black

Pastime:   writing in her journal, experimenting with her force abilities

Hobbies:   writing poetry

Food:     anything with chocolate in it

Drink:    N/A


Personal History:

Born on Seema, Druanna grew up on an Imperial military base with her mother and father. Her father, Daniel, was head of military defense. She was your average teenage girl. She did well in school, had many friends, and, of course, almost never did as she was told. She became aware of her force ability of pyrokinesis at the age of four when she threw a large temper tantrum. After losing the "battle" with her parents she threw her hands to her sides in a fit of anger and lit the carpet of her room on fire. After that Druanna knew that she was "different" from her schoolmates and tried to hide her force ability as much as she could. She didn't want to be pointed out as a "freak".

About a month after Druanna's 13th birthday the Rebels invaded her home planet. She and her mother lived in their basement in fear for days until they received "the call". Druanna's father had been killed in battle by the Rebels. It was then that her mother decided that they now have no reason to remain on Seema and must leave if they are going to live. They boarded their ship safely and, with many others, were taken to the planet Tnemele (the T is silent). The passengers did not know where they were until, once the ship had landed, the pilot said, "Welcome to your new home, Tnemele." As Druanna exited the ship she clung tightly to her mother's hand. They were greeted by about thirty people and then the crowd suddenly parted like the red sea and the people of Tnemele fell to their knees. Through the crowd came three large carriages, each a different color with writing that Druanna could not yet make out. Once they came closer she could make out that the green carriage read "Earth", the dark blue "Water", and the light blue "Wind". "Where's fire?" she thought to herself. The carriages stopped directly in front of Druanna and her mother and out stepped three beautiful woman in flowing cloaks. They stood together and seemed to be scanning the crowd for something. Suddenly the three woman looked at each other, nodded, pulled Druanna away from her mother, and threw her into the green carriage where she was chained down. She screamed for help, but the crowd was frozen. The woman in the green cloak told Dru that everything would be all right and she is were she belongs now.

The woman in the dark blue said to Druanna, "You are home now. We've been waiting for you." Druanna sat in a daze of confusion. "Here, on Tnemele, we believe that the universe is powered by the four original elements of earth, wind, water, and fire. Forever Tnemele has been without someone who held the powers of fire. Our entire world has been unbalanced, but now you've saved us! You will remain here, forever, reigning as the high priestess of fire." In her hand she held a red velvet bag and inside of it was a headpiece for Dru signifying her status. She placed it on Druanna's head and said, "Every day you will be brought down to light the torch of the fire gods. Finally our world can be in peace! Bless you Druanna!"

After the long ride Druanna was taken to a castle high on a hill overlooking Tnemele. She was locked inside of a tower and was only allowed out to light the torch each morning. Even when the other priestesses went amongst the people she never left her room. They felt that because she was so precious, so rare, they couldn't take the chances of having her out and about all the time. So there she was, locked up for 3 years like a prisoner.

When she turned 16 she decided that she had had enough of this life. She missed her mother and wanted to go out and find her. She also wanted to build an army and avenge her father's death. Along with all of this she wanted her life back! She couldn't stand being alone all the time, locked away, treated like an egg everyone was afraid would break. After a week of plotting she made her escape. She grabbed her cloak, covering her headpiece with it's large hood, looked around the room and made her decision. This was it. She found a pilot who offered to take her away from there. He took her to Port Lansing and said, "This is as far as I can take you," and left her there. That is when she met Klaw and gave him ownership of herself. He brought her to Anelis and now she is training to become a Sith. Throughout it all she is by Klaw's side. He is her family now.

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