Ebon Chaval: Con History


Ebon makes his first appearance. He is neither for nor against the Empire or the Rebellion. When his ship, the Solarmare, malfunctions during a routine cargo run, he docks at Port Lansing to undergo ship repairs. Once there, he is eventually caught between the two warring factions. Tara Alderson hires Ebon to work for the Empire. Tara becomes a principle contact for Ebon and volunteers to train him to control the painful senses he experiences whenever he’s around evil force users as Ebon had the misfortune to encounter a number of Sith including the Emperor. Along with training, Tara and Ebon enter a business contract for his shipping company wherein he agrees to haul valuables for Tara’s clientele in exchange for secure shipping routes free of the Empiral intrusion. Ebon gives his word not to betray Tara’s business interests. In terms of being aligned in the war, Ebon ends the year as he began as he was tortured by the rebellion (one of Mike Kessler’s characters) and was displeased by the utterly ruthless tactics of the Empire. Despite an in depth conversations concerning the nature of good and evil on the sides of the Empire and the Rebellion with Rachael Summers and Sybil, he has no love for either side.



Ebon continues his business associations and training with Tara. On a routine trip to Port Lansing, he encounters Shadow in a bar and is so appalled by her dark aura that he attempts to kill her as he wound a severely wounded animal…to end her pain. Rook stops him by stunning Ebon. Later, Ebon is humbled by his mentor Tara and driven into a rage representing his first brush with the dark side of his persona. Tara drives Ebon to this state to show him how seductively easy it is to become like Shadow. The confrontation drives a rift between Ebon and Tara as his pride is severely beaten. Ebon does admit, due to this experience, that he was wrong in attempting to kill Shadow and apologizes to her. Tara discontinues his training of Ebon and turns his training over to an associate of hers named NikVie Windu, a recently revived Jedi whom she believes philosophies are more in keeping with Ebon’s. Ebon and Lan meet and become friends. Lan helps Ebon free his ship from Empiral control through his network of contacts. Again, Ebon remains neutral in the ongoing war.




NikVie Windu and his followers become embroiled in a Holy war against complacent Jedi that make alliances with members of the Sith and in particular the Household. NikVie comes under fire from various factions. Ebon, Tara, and Lan side with NikVie during the conflict. NikVie, at sometime during the Port Lansing conflict, turns to the dark side of the Force and attacks Ebon while he was trying to help him come back to the light. NikVie eventually returns to the light. NikVie’s revolution is apparently betrayed from within as a bomb planted on his ship explodes. NikVie’s contingents abandon ship but plan to meet at a designated location. NikVie and (Sharon’s character) never make it to the meeting. Eventually Ebon and company make their way off the planet and Ebon retrieves his ship from Tara. Ebon spends his time following the battle at Port Lansing to looking for his lost mentor.



Ebon returns to Port Lansing to find NikVie and to discover the repercussions of the Holy War. In an extended conversation with NikVie, he tells Ebon that he is unfit, due to his recent experiences, to continue teaching Ebon. NikVie recommends Ricia Targen as mentor for further Force training. Ebon agrees to continue training under Ricia to become a Jedi knight. It is not long before he’s sent on his first mission with Ricia and others to rescue Rachael Summers from Darana. Ebon and Ricia, including Lan and others, then take part in a successful rescue operation to liberate Princess Midalah from CSA troops. Empiral agent Psylocke then takes Ricia captive. The Jedi council restrains Ebon’s efforts of attempting to rescue Ricia alone. The Emperor releases Ricia after extensive brainwashing at the hands of Lilith, piloting a ship set to destroy the Jedi temple on Yavin. Ebon gets a vision of the impending doom and quickly unites a coalition of Jedi that are close to Ricia, to break Ricia from the brainwashing of Emperor. The coalition is successful and Ricia overcomes her dark half in time to save herself and the planet Yavin.




Ebon asks Tara Alderson, his former mentor, to find someone within her organization to look over his shipping business as he needs to keep it going for his family, but his current Jedi training allows no time for it. He specifically asks that the business remain "above board" and not a smuggling operation. Tara agrees to find someone trustworthy to take over his ship and business interests. Ebon also consults with Tara regarding philosophy and the "corruption" he senses in the Jedi order. She, in turn, has Ebon speak with Alida about why she left the Jedi Council and order. As it turns out, she left for reasons totally unrelated to the Jedi. (a life debt to Tara and her pregnancy)

While mediating in a garden about his position in the Jedi order, he’s approached by Shadow. Shadow voices troubles and doubts that she’s been having since the break up of the Household. Ebon consoles her, and in the midst of their conversation, admits that she wants to return to light. She asks to be trained as a Jedi. Later, Ebon presents Shadow to the Jedi council for training. They agree to accept her and start her where he originally light side training ended. Ebon does speak with Master Targen about his concerns being a Jedi. Ricia manages to convince him to stay in the order and serve as an example of what a Jedi should be and stand for. Ricia is unaware of how well timed the conversation is as Ebon was thinking of leaving the Jedi.

The Jedi Council assign Ricia and Ebon to look in on Lan and offer to continue training him as a Jedi as they are concerned that since his master has been slain that he would turn to the dark side of the Force as they were getting impressions that Lan was indeed darkening. Ebon recommends Ricia as teacher for him thinking that her background would be well suited to identifying with Lan. Ricia and Lan meet with Lan and he shows no immediate interest in returning to training. He is clearly traumatized by the death of his mentor. They also uncover that there is a bounty on Lan and pledge to help him uncover who has it. They discover that Aurra Sing either initiated the bounty or is merely one of the chief people responsible for collecting it. Sing only surrenders that Lan has something she wants, but nothing else. There is speculation that Aurra is actually after his unique lightwhip.

Earlier, Ebon captured Darana Cairnfell, a known Sith Lord and mass murderer. The Jedi debated turning Darana over to the Alliance, which would be an assured death sentence. The Council also debated trying Darana themselves which sparked a huge debate over whether the Council would execute her, a conclusion which Ebon expressed immediate verbal dissent citing that even someone as evil as Darana could be brought back to the light as Anakin was. In the end, the council decided not to turn Darana over to the Alliance.

*Remnants of the Household, lead by Rook and Shade affected her rescue by prisoner exchange as they had captured Jedi Council leader Aden Caudell. Allidar, the only council member present at the time, agrees to the transfer.

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