Grand Duke Toras Einem


Player: Debbie Casselbury


Race:  Human
Sex:  Male	 	
Homeworld:  Adega
Age:  52	      	
Height: 5^11^
Weight:  175
Distinguishing Marks:  none
Hair: light gray  		
Eyes:  blue


Profession: Statesman; Former Chancellor, Current Representative of King
Narses & Queen Justinia - Rulers of Adega
Marital Status:  Single
Spouse's name:  n/a
Children:  n/a

Mother:  Lady Erosha Ungell (deceased)
Father:   Sir Alfras Einem (deceased)

Education:  Graduate of Royal Governmental Academy

Force Training:   n/a	
Master's Name:  n/a	
Light or Dark:   n/a	

Psychological Description

IQ:  High 
Fears:  Destruction of New Republic.

Special Abilities:  Public speaking, politics; expert archivist, author.

Temperament:  Mild mannered, gentlemanly, calm in a crisis.

Likes:  Traveling, supporting the cultural arts, study/research.

Dislikes:  Underhanded mercenaries, arrogant military-types.

Goals in Life:  To be a peacekeeper for Adega, to support and honor the New

Favorite Color: Maroon      Drink: Azur cocktail     Food:  Baked ra^im 


Toras Einem was born into a royal family; he is second cousin of the
reigning King Narses.  In his youth, he fought as an officer in the Adegan
Civil War.  The carnage he saw there made him determined to be a
peacemaker, that he could spare others the horrors he^d seen.  Attending
the Royal Governmental Academy, he quickly showed an aptitude for public
service; indeed, even before he graduated, his recommendations served as
the basis for the reformation of the Royal Treasury Department.  Upon
graduation, he was assigned to the Royal Interior Ministry, quickly working
his way up to Deputy Interior Minister, the number two slot there, where he
insituted many reforms.  Two years later, the newly crowned King Narses
began his reign by appointing Toras to be his Chancellor, much to the
surprise of the Royal Court and government Ministers, and charged him with
improving the efficiency of all the ministries.  The challenge of his new
duties appealed to Toras, and he started in at once.  Many government
officials were swept out of office, with others being demoted or
transferred.  Corruption, while not totally eliminated, became rare enough
to be tolerable.  For this work, and for the wise advice he often gave his
monarch, Toras was appointed to the title of Grand Duke on his tenth
anniversary in office.  When it came time to appoint a representative for
Adega to the New Republic, King Narses selected his Chancellor, as being
the best choice for the position.  Handing tthe office of Chancellor to a
hand-picked successor, he departed for New Alderaan, to take up his new