Erastus Tagish

Local Color

Race: Keishite   		Homeworld: Skookum
Age: 22                              Profession: Son of Keishite Queen
Height: 1.93 meters         Weight: 102.058 kilograms
Hair: Blonde 	                  Eyes: Green

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Mother:  Queen Ornella Tagish (captive)
Father:  King Vultan Tagish (deceased)
Military History:
Force Training: None
Rank: N/A
Status: N/A
Master's Name: None Army: N/A
Light or Dark: NA Branch: N/A

Psychological Description

IQ: 113             

Fears: Failing to live up to his heritage. Special
Abilities: Pure heart.

Temperament: Quick to anger, but slow to let loose.

Likes: Loyal and Honest people.

Dislikes: Traitors.

Pet Peeves: People kneeling because he's a prince.

Goals in Life: To liberate his homeworld and return the seat of
government to serve the people not a greedy corporation.

Favorite Color: Sky Blue.  	Drink: Othong Lemonade.  
Pastime: Reading Arcane texts.

Food: Buffoo-Maj Cakes.  Hobbies: Learning new languages.

Personal History:

Erastus never knew his father who was murdered shortly after his
 birth.  His father King Vultan Tagish refused to cooperate with the
 officials from the Refarndorf Mining Corporation or RMC as it is
 know in the Inner Core systems.  He was found assassinated later
 that night, although everyone highly suspects that his death was
 ordered by RMC. His homeworld of Skookum lies on the Outer Rim of
 the galaxy and the people have been bleed dry and forced into
 slavery.  He has grown up on legends of the "old days" when his
 father ruled and all the people we happy and safe.  All his educated
 life he felt he something was amiss with the way people were made to
 suffer and he had everything given to him from birth.  Never having
 to want for anything himself, he never realized just how spoiled
 rotten he was as a youth.  Until one day he was on his way home late
 one night from a tavern of ill repute his hovercraft broke down.  It
 was that night he made the acquaintance of a lovely young commoner
 girl, Annie who hated him from the get go.  Much to their mutual
 dismay, they eventually became friends and later lovers.  Erastus at
 first was only concerned with winning Annie over to his heart.

However, through association and time spent with her, he say with
truer eyes than ever the plight of the Keishite people.  Together
they tried to begin making a difference for the common people.  It
was then his mother, Queen Ornella Tagish forbade the two lovers to
see each other again.  Erastus had little idea his mother was trying
to protect him as well as the girl.  RMC put the girl to work in the
mines and put her family to death.  Since his fathers death, his
mother had made arrangements to rule in name only so long as her son
was spared from the cruelties the rest of the people suffered. RMC
officials were more than happy to oblige her request.  It made their
job just that much easier, since the people would remain loyal to
their Queen.  Since King Vultan's death, she was no more than a
puppet ruler.  Now, her health is fading and she has become worried
that her son will live out his life without any trace of happiness
that she and Vultan once knew.  She has often told Erastus stories of
the Great Jedi Knights, and how they were the guardians of peace and
justice in the Old Republic.  Ornella has recently heard off-world
rumors that someone named Skywalker is attempting to restore the Jedi
Council.  For this reason and the fact of her waning health, she has
secretly sent her son off-world for the first time in his life.  Her
last words to her son were, "Find the Jedi, legend tells us that they
have never turned down an honest soul in need of help.  My sources
tell me the New Jedi Council will be convening on Yavin IV.  If the
rumors are false, hasten back here with all speed.  For if the RMC
finds you missing they will put a price on your head.  Go now my son,
and may the force be with you."

Erastus had never heard his mother use that term except in the
bedtime stories she told.

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