Danna Esme


Player:  Heather Melville

Physical Description
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Coruscant     
Age:  21
Profession:  Jedi
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  130 lbs.     
Hair:  Red.  Shoulderlength
Eyes:  Blue
Other:  No distinguishing characteristics

Personal Information
Marital Status:  Single
Spouse's Name:  N/A
Children:  N/A

Education:  Imperial Medical Academy

Force Training:  Yavin
Master's Name:  N/A
Light or Dark:  Light

Psychological Description
IQ:  Above Average
Fears:  Being captured by the Empire.  Her parents being punished for her
ties to the Alliance.
Temperament:  Gentle
Dislikes:  Hurting people
Goals in Life:  To become a Jedi Master
Favorite Color:  Green
Drink:   Fruit juice, water.
Pasttimes:  Meditation.  Freeform dancing rather like tai chi.
Food:  Salads, fruit

Military History
Rank:  Imperial cadet, discharged
Status:  Discharged Imperial
Army:  Imperial Fleet formerly
Branch:  Medical

Special Abilities:  Healing.  Empathy.  Telekinesis.

Personal History:

Danna was raised by parents who live on an Imperial planet.  They
cooperate with the Empire and are considered Imperial.  They would
not approve of her connection with the Alliance.

She attended the Imperial Medical Academy with the intention of
becoming a doctor.  Her Force healing sensitivity drew her to study
medicine, since she had no other access to training.  Her mother,
despite being a strong Force sensitive with some training, did not
train Danna at all.  Anything she learned from her mother came from
observation, not direct teaching.  In her Imperial training, she had
a three month segment on interrogation and torture.  The students
worked on an Alliance operative whom they were told had information
vital to saving lives.  He had no such information.  This was a
training exercise.  His agony broke past her subconscious shields,
and she felt what he experienced.  Danna then got herself discharged
as an unsuitable candidate for the Imperial Fleet before the end of
the training sequence without revealing what had happened.  She
sought out training on Yavin with Luke Skywalker at age 19.   She has
recently been convinced to actually tell people what happened at the
Academy.  Luke has yet to get it through her head that she really
does have trauma from having linked with someone undergoing torture.
She interrogated Garreck Palpatine under drugs, which played with her
mind and flashed her back to the Academy.  Garreck decided that he
was very interested in her, and spoke to her frequently long distance
via the Force.  At one point, he sent bounty hunters to bring Danna
to him, but they have since decided to be friends.

Danna was poisoned by Mara Jade some time ago, at the order of
Annelis Palpatine, with what is now known as the Lexor poison.  She
has been in stasis awaiting a cure.  he was very interested in her,
and spoke to her frequently long distance