Furgus Murphy


Player: Patrick Furlong

Father's Name: Thomas Murphy
Race: Mergalin
Homeworld: Mergalia
Background: Ship Fitter

Mother's Name: Michele (Ranstoth) Murphy
Race: Mergalin
Homeworld: Mergalia
Background: Smuggler

Other Relations: Cousin Suzie, Brother Tom (deceased)

Education: Mergalia Standard, Alliance Basic and Advanced Security
Schools, Matlen Advanced Tactical Service School.

Force Training: N/A

Employment History: Worked only for the Alliance. 

Psychological Description:

IQ: Normal

Temperament: Seems shallow and carefree at first. Really is a very
meticulous person, easy going, friendly, serisou when he has to be.

Fears: Failure at his job, tight places (claustrophobia)

Likes: Doing his job and helping out, relaxing with friends. 

Dislikes: Pessimism

Pet Peeves: terminally grumpy people 

Goals in Life: To keep the Alliance safe and  eventually rid the galaxy
of the empire. 


Color: Violet
Pastime: Hanging out with the guys
HObbies: Reading, collecting mineral samples
Food: Salads (specifically Ranmokin greens)
Drink: Dr. Pepper

Personal History:

Murphy grew up middle class on Mergalia. When he finsihed school he
decided to set out into the Galaxy to find his fortune. He left home
after about three months of doing nothing and met a group of rebels in a

He started talking with them and after about two hours he had decided
that he likes their easy going attitudes. He left with them and signed up
with the rebellion. When he finished basic he decided he liked the idea
of serving in security so he signed up for teh Advanced Security Courses.

He fell in love with security almost right away. He began serving on
Dantooine and has been serving in the security police ever since, finally
working his way up through the ranks and now holds rank of Lt. Col and is
the Deputy Chief of Security Police. 

When Patrick Hawkwood first took over there was some bad blood, as Murphy
felt he deserved the job, but very quickly he and Hawkwood became
friends. Murphy then supported Hawkwood completely and was very upset
when he died.  iFurgus had served with Hawkwood for almost 10 years. He
took a leave of absence after his death and now, three years later. Has
returned to serve once more as Deputy Chief of Security under Colonel
Percival Bay. 

Biological Informaiton:

The Mergalin nervous system operates at low level electrical pulses. They
are Cobalt based, lending itself to their natural blue appearance. The
ability to change tones comes from the chemicals stored within what
equates to the adrenal gland. 

The skin is thick due to extreme weather conditions and are capable of
handling intense pain. Mergalins hibernate during periods of sub zero
weather and conversely extreme heat causes body functions to become
sligtly disfunctional but they are still capable of functioning far
longer than most humans. They are also capable of handling higher levels
of radiation that would kill a human.  

While Mergalins have high physical stamina, they can not handle quick
changes in temperature  and Oxygen rich environments cause them
disorientation and vertig, cured by shots of cobalt solutions. 

Mergalin blood is poisonous to humans. Mergalin metabolism is slower
than a humans and carbonated beverages are intoxicating, effects are
similiar to alchohol. 

The Mergalin immune system also has a unique way of attacking virii. It
is capable of developing its own chemical attacks on foreign bodies.
Anything that does not belong is sampled and by a small parasite that is
required by the system, then the proper cure is released. Mergalins are
long lived and seldom ill.