N'Sheaya Gahren


Height: 5'9
Age: Appears to be late 30's
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Dark Complexion
Race: Meta-Human

Occupation: Dark Jedi

Homeworld: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: None
Children: None

Temperament: Disillusioned, and Cynical
IQ: Above Average
Dislikes: Idealism
Likes: Hunting force users

Goals in Life: She was once driven to find those who
engineered the massacre and the betrayal that led to her evntual
downfall, but believes them now to be dead. She now focuses on
exterminating the jedi and sith order.

Education: N'Sheaya was taken to the creche as a four month old baby
and educated in the traditional jedi manner. She became a knight and
eventually a master.

Force: Dark

Skills: N'sheaya is a practicioner of form VII, the most difficult
and demanding of all Forms and when mastered, can lead to strong
power and skill. Form VII employs bold, direct movements, more open
and kinetic than Form V but not so elaborate in appearance as Form
IV. In addition to very advanced Force-assisted jumps and movements,
this forms tactics overwhelm opponents with seemingly unconnected
staccato sequences, making the Form highly unpredictable in battle.
This trait makes for a much more difficult execution than the
graceful, linked move sequences of Form IV. Form VII requires the
intensity of Form V, but much greater energy since that focus is
wielded more broadly.  Form VII draws upon a deeper well of emotion
than even Form V, yet masters it more fully. The outward bearing of a
Form VII practitioner is one of calm, but the inner pressure verges
on explosion.

Personal History

N'Sheaya Gahren a Jedi Master who, like many other jedi of her time,
was questioning if the republic was worth saving. However, unlike
Master Bulq and his followers, Gahren  took the stance that they, the
Jedi, were there to help. Irregardless if the republic was worth
saving or not, the jedi were still there try to keep peace and help
worlds and beings, which is what she she was led by the force to do.
She did not believe, as Bulq did, that serving the, already too
corrupt, republic, was also corrupting the Jedi.

N'sheaya arrived on a planet to stop a massacre she had forseen
through the force. She arrived just as the massacre ended and the
ones responsible were celebrating. N'Sheaya was attacked by them and
in self-defense killed the attackers. She believed she had killed all
responsible, but unknown to her another was present. Watching.

N'Sheaya buried her emotions from that encounter deep and never spoke
of it to any other, never released it to the force, or meditated on
it. During a mission to protect a planetary dignitary she and her
padawan were overwhelmed by local terrorist forces. Upon discovering
that the dignitary's aide betrayed them. N'Sheaya became distressed and while
effecting their escape and killed the aide and several others in the
process. She saw to the safe return of her Padawan to the temple, but
torn with the intensity of emotion held inside by the lightsaber
forms, and the conflict arising among the Jedi she struck out on her
own becoming a Dark Jedi.

After her fall, Gahren wandered, trying to find the people who
ordered the massacre and discovered they were also invovled with the
local terrorist attack during final mission as a jedi, but never
discovered who it was. She then turned her attention on the Jedi.
After refusing to return to the temple on Coruscant, they ordered her
death upon sight.

Gahren was very active during the purge. Believing that the Jedi
assisted in bringing about the end of the Old Republic and aided in
the Sith coming to power.  She obtained a benefactor within the
Empire and killed both Jedi and Sith.

Her benefactor in the Empire long since dead, she has taken
what she needed to survive and built up private accounts she can
access. With the Sith and Jedi Orders beginning to rebuild
themselves, she has recently resurfaced to begin removing force users
in general from the reach of either side.  While she believes the
ones who ordered the original Massacre to be dead, the pair are very
much alive.

Gahren has not become a Sith and dislikes what the Sith Code stands
for.  She still follows the force to aide those whom she is able to
when she is led to them. 

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