Governor James Casselbury


PLayer: James Casselbury 


Race:  Human 	           
Homeworld:  Archdale  
Age:  40          	          
Height:  6' 1"                      
Weight:  200 lbs. 
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Blue
Profession:  Imperial Officer


Marital Status:  Married
Spouse's name:  Daysha Skylar
Children:   Pending
Mother:  Dr. Wynada Seckston Casselbury
Father:   Commander Artrur Casselbury

Education:  Attended public school on Archdale, graduated from Imperial
Naval Academy.

Force Training:  n/a

Rank: Grand Moff
Status:  Active
Branch:  Imperial Starfleet                	


IQ:  High 
Fears:  Heights

Special Abilities:  Excellent tactician and strategist.  

Temperament:  Usually kind and solicitous, although prone to arrogance from
time to time, and unforgiving of enemies.

Likes:  Cruising through space, campaigning, music, art, literature, and

Dislikes:  Bureaucrats, rear echelon types, journalists, mercs, certain

Pet Peeves:  The Emperor's fascination with, as he puts it, "Pretty and
expensive toys."  

Goals in Life:  The eventual defeat of the New Republic, settling down to
raise a family with his wife.

Favorite Color:  Blue

Food:  Bantha steak  

Drink:  Alderaani claret 

Pastime:  Planning for his retirement

Hobbies:  Studying military history


Governor Casselbury is a member of the ruling family of Randolph, one
of the city-states of the planet Archdale.  He attended public school
there, to build a bond between him and the people his family rule.
After graduation, he went to the Imperial Naval Academy, where he was
in the top 20% of his class.  His first assignment was to the planet
Lingayen, where he became the only officer to survive the disastrous
Battle of Izandelana.  He then reported aboard the command ship
EXECUTOR, joining his parents there.  Two weeks before the Battle of
Endor, he took command of the frigate VENOM; his parents remained
aboard the Super Star Destroyer and died at Endor.  While on patrol
his ship captured Prism Nighthawk and Avon.  After their escape and
the court of inquiry that cleared him of blame for it, he was
promoted.  VENOM was destroyed in a convoy battle with Rebel forces,
Casselbury being seriously wounded.  Again cleared of blame, he was
promoted and given command of a task force consisting of the Super
Star Destoyer CONQUEROR and 18 IMPERIAL-class SDs, and ordered to
track down Prism Nighthawk and delivering her to the Emperor.  Upon
completing this mission, he was promoted to commodore, then appointed
acting governor of Region 27 upon the defection of Ricia Targan.  He
was also taked with capturing Kirienne Solo (now Nigheansidhe) and
bringing her before the Emperor.  Succeeding in this mission, he was
made the permanent Grand Moff for Region 27.  His personal life took
an interesting turn we he met, fell in love with, and married Daysha
Skylar, a cantina dancer.  It is known that certain of his fellow
governors did not approve of this match, but have learned to keep
their views to themselves, since Casselbury is very touchy about his
wife, and does not hesitate to avenge any perceived insult to her.
The Emperor assigned him to work with Vice Admiral Gija Metieh on the
design and construction of the two new and improved Death Stars, then
gave the Governor command of one of them.  Casselbury then officiated
at the wedding of Emperor Palpatine and Princess Azarra Vader.  He
then initiated a war with the Highland clans of Corellia, which was
fought more or less to a draw.  His next assignment, much to his
annoyance, was to command ISD EMPRESS during the pleasure cruise run
by Empress Azarra.  This deployment, which he saw as something of a
demotion, was brightend by the presence of his wife, who was
providing entertainment for the cruise.  While on the cruise, Daysha
became pregnant, and both prospective parents are delighted at what
the future promises.

NOTE:  The Governor's relationship with the Emperor is complex, to
put it mildly.  He is loyal to His Majesty, since he swore an oath to
obey him, but disapproves of many Imperial policies and actions.
Since becoming governor, he has sacked officers and officials in job
lots for a wide variety of offenses, executing a large number.  This
has led to an outcry against him from the patrons and political
allies of those punished.  Palpatine has refused to act against
Casselbury, finding him far too useful as his favorite military
hatchet man.  It is certain, however, that he watches the Governor
like a hawk.

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