Karaden Sate Pestage


Player: Seth Bonder

Physical Description

Race:	Human 
Homeworld: Star Center
Age:	N/A	
Profession: Grand Vizier
Height: 6
Weight:	C. 160 lbs.
Hair:	Black	
Eyes:	N/A

Personal Information
Marital Status:	Single [?]
Spouses Name:   N/A
Children:	N/A


Education:      Apparently high-ed in politics, military, etc. Exact
details unavailable.

Force Training:
Masters Name:   N/A
Light or Dark:	Dark

Psychological Description

IQ:	Genius 

Fears: The Empires losing strength

Temperament:	Occasionally arrogant, brittle- tempered, but cautious.

Likes:  Power, politicking, conspiring for the Emperor.

Dislikes:       Disobedience, Palpatine in a snit. Anyone who dares
challenge Imperial authority.

Pet Peeves: N/A

Goals in Life: To further the influence of the Empire and the Emperors power at all costs.

Favorite Color: Black, Green 

Pasttimes: Plotting/scheming 

Drink: N/A 

Food: N/A

Hobbies:	Studying strategy and tactics, devising new ones.

Military History: None/Little

Rank:	N/A
Status:	N/A
Army:	N/A
Branch:	N/A

Special Abilities:
Manipulates people as deftly as a three- card monte dealer when necessary.

Personal History:
Little is known about the Grand Vizier-he is virtually a cipher, and prefers it so.

Those who inquire too far either find nothing or tend to vanish, but
hes been by the Emperors side almost since his accession... Which
tends to discourage questions.

He is rather pale, sometimes drawn though from evil or lack of sleep
is not known.

[I am deliberately keeping this character vague, as I intend him to
be heard, not seen-in live action, anyway.]

Seth Bonder

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