Jezze Helms


Player: James Casselbury


Race:  Human 
Homeworld:  Manteo  
Age:  50          	    
Height:  6 ft. 
Weight:  290 lbs. 
Hair:  Gray/black       
Eyes:  Gray
Profession:  Politician


Marital Status:  Married
Spouse's name:  Laretta Miflin Helms
Children:   2 sons; Garth Alen Helms, age 24 and Liam Uriah Helms, age 22  
Mother:  Malessa Hardey Helms 
Father:   Jochen Derren Helms

Education:  Graduate of Dansler Private Academy; Master^s Degree in
Political Science from University of Coruscant

Force Training: n/a

Military History: n/a      	                


IQ:  High 
Fears:  Military occupation of Manteo by the armed forces of the New Republic.

Special Abilities:  A tough, ruthless, skilled, and experienced politician,
who knows how to use the system to get what he wants.

Temperament:  Often amiable, can also be brusque and abrasive when angered
or annoyed.

Likes:   The Empire, and all things Imperial. 

Dislikes:  The New Republic, and all that it stands for.

Pet Peeves:   Having to live under the rule of the New Republic; having to
tolerate the NR^s ^idiotic^ laws and rules, especially regarding aliens.

Goals in Life:  To see Manteo restored to Imperial rule.

Favorite Color:  Black      Drink:  Corellian brandy

Pastime:  Writing about ^the glory of the Empire^  Food:  Kommerken steak

Hobbies:  Making toys for his grandchildren.  


Jezze Helms had a normal upbringing on Manteo, or as normal as the only son
of a wealthy family was likely to get.  He went to school at the same
private academy that his ancestors had attended for over two centuries.
His grade point average was so high there that, upon his graduation, he was
accepted at the prestigious University of Coruscant, where he discovered
that he had a passion for politics.  In between his political science
classes, he courted Laretta Miflin, the daughter of one of his professors,
and they were married in the middle of his third year at the university.
It was also at this time that Palpatine^s New Order began its rise, and
young Jezze quickly became drawn into it, becoming a strongly loyal
Imperial.  He actually met the Emperor at his graduation ceremony, and
secured a post as the administrative assistant to the Manteo system^s
Imperial governor.  For the next two decades, Jezze^s life was idyllic.  He
rose higher within the governor^s office, eventually becoming chief of
staff, while his marriage bloomed as Laretta bore him two sons.  This ended
when the New Republic, desiring the system^s heavy industry and vast
mineral wealth, drove the Imperial garrison from Manteo.  Arrested and
detained for a time, Jezze was released after it was determined that he had
not committed any crimes under NR law.  He has since spoken out against
Alliance rule, but always carefully limiting what he said, so as not to
give the NR any cause to arrest him for sedition.  When it was announced
that Manteo would be allowed to send a representative to the New Republic
High Council, Jezze was chosen by an overwhelming number of votes.  He sees
what he is doing as necessary for the survival of his people, for he is
convinced that unless he sits on the Council where he can watch the NR
government like a hawk, the Alliance armed forces will occupy the system
and plunder it of its resources.