Owen Iridian


Player: John Medkeff 

	Physical Description

Race:  Human         Homeworld:  Zoron
Age:  50             Profession: Soldier
Height:  6' 0''      Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Brown          Eyes: Hazel

        Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Education: High but unknown  (OOC Imperial Naval Acdemy)

Military History
Force Training:  None		Rank:  Colonel
Master's Name:			Status:
				Service:  Rebel
				Branch: Intelligence; Chief of Analysis

Psychological Description               Special Abilities:
IQ: High		Fears:          Rebel Intelligence Expert on the Sith.           

Temperament:  Cold                                              

Likes:  History, knives

Dislikes: Pointless violence.

Goals in Life:  Be on the winning side.

Favorite Color: gray          Drink: scotch
Pastime: Studying             Food:
Hobbies: Chess


Col. Owen Iridian, the Chief of Alliance Intelıs Analysis Division is
a former Imperial Navy Intelligence Lieutenant.  
Iridian watched the battle of Yaven from the bridge of ISD Warrior, the
flagship of Lord Koross Mathem, on whose staff he was then serving.  He
decided that the destruction of Alderaan meant the Empire was desperate.
In order to be on the winning side he decided to defect.  To this end he
arranged a transfer to a planet on Alliance/Empire frontier.  Then he
staged his own death (he blew up a shuttle he was supposed to be on and
headed for the alliance).
Since joining the Alliance Iridian has worked for Intel.  He is
Intelıs expert on the Sith (political, and social, not Force).  The
empire believes that their officer is dead.  The only Imperial who knows
is Korossı foster daughter Lady Talasa Steele.  They meet occasionally
and trade information.