Janin Firestorm


Player: Phaedra Whitlock

Physical Description

Race: Human

Homeworld: Betawan VII

Age: 26

Profession: Sith Trainee

Height: 5’ 5"

Weight: Slim

Hair: Fire Red

Eyes: Blue


Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse’s Name: N/A

Children: none

Mother: Ysabet Qualaine-Davis

Father: Davin Firestorm-Davis

Education: Full public education on Betawan VII.

Tutored at home on heritage by various elders.

Learned piracy and smuggling skills from the Family and her parents.

Interrogation and Security skills from the Household.

Force Training: Yes

Master’s Name: Ysabet Qualaine/Darana Cairnfell

Light or Dark: Dark


Psychological Description

IQ: Average

Fears: Darkness, caves especially. Creeping things. Being maimed.

Temperament: Stubborn. Singleminded. Determined. Serious. Professional
pride. She once had a fiery temper but it is well controlled and focussed

Likes: Using her pyrokinesis. Flames of any sort. Very little else though
she's learning that the Dark Side is lovely in its own way.

Dislikes: Hates the Empire though she's becoming a part of it as fast as
she can, and no longer expresses it openly. Or inwardly. It may no longer
be anything but a reflex.

Pet Peeves: Distractions.

Goals in Life: Power.

Favorite Color: Scarlet

Drink: Romulan Ale

Pasttime: 0-G gymnastics

Food: Sticky sweet rolls

Hobbies: Finding obscure places noone else goes. Finding new uses for
mouse droids.

Reputation: (old) Vibrant energetic redhead with a thing for tech and a
zest for life. (current) Darana's pet or lapdog.


Military History:

Rank: Ensign

Status: AWOL, considered a traitor

Army: Alliance

Branch: Security-Counter Intel (Sci-Tech Division)

Special Abilities

Pyrokinesis manifested through a small blue crystal worn around her neck.
Psionic laran abilities diminish with range from the crystal but can be
magnified when in a Circle of similarly trained psionicists.

Mid level Force user.

Able to fly many craft well (though she hasnt done so in several years),
knack for dealing with machinery [taught by Rauss].


Personal History:

Janin, her parents and her sibs are all in the Davis Family of smugglers
and pirates. Her mother was the sole survivor of a pirate raid. The
derelict ship was found by Davin Firestorm and he brought her to the
Davis Family where she recovered. She married into the Family and bore
her first child, Janin, by Davin.

Ysabet tended to stay aboard Wingstar, the Davis Family’s repair
station, and Janin grew up fascinated by the space docks and workers.

Janin and her half siblings, Raych and Derrin, were born only a few weeks
apart and the three children caroused together in the corridors from an
early age. Janin tended to get into trouble and they tended to get into
trouble getting her out.

She took lessons from various Family as per norm and traveled with
Margali and Davin when she grew older. Once she wandered off and
witnessed an Imperial patrol actively subduing a riot. Not overly
political, Janin was shocked nevertheless and her fiery temper almost
caused her to do something rash. Raych and Derrin found her in time and
returned her to Stormwind.

She became a decent smuggler and pirate, but preferred to work aboard
Wingstar modifying and repairing the injured ships. She is exceptionally
proud to have worked on the Firestorm space station, a monument to her
deceased uncle. He died protecting the Family.

After watching the riot she became angry about the Empire and later when
she was assigned to Zoric [which was subsequently destroyed] her grudge
against the Empire blossomed.

After the destruction of the Death Star the Davis Family patriarch
decided that the Family needed to know more about the Alliance and that
no matter who won it would be to the Family’s advantage to have
members on the winning side. Janin volunteered to join the Alliance, and
Raych went with her to keep her out of trouble, and because a twin was

She hid her true (full) identity from the Alliance considering it none of
their business what her family (and she) really did for a living.

Ysabet was a Jedi although not a particularly powerful one and on the run
when Davin found her. Ysabet did not instill in Janin the Code and Creed
knowing Janin was too wild, like her father, and could never live up to
them. Instead she taught Janin to use her abilities for good purposes,
trusting Janin’s sense to keep her from harm. For the most part
this was successful.

Janin was captured during an Alliance raid in 94 and after being
interrogated and mindprobed, was sent to B’yss for Sith training.
Janin had never been tortured before and didn’t like it. Rather
than be thrown into a cell and tortured some more, Janin agreed to train
and work with Darana, her new aunt-in-law.

At first this worked out very well. Darana used Janin’s love of
machinery and technology to gain her compliance, Janin used Darana to
learn all she could about the Empire, its technology and security until
the time came when the Alliance could rescue her. Unfortunately, they
never did and her uncle Deveron left with the rest of the Family when the
time came.

Darana allowed Janin the chance to go with them, or to the Alliance once
more but she couldn't go. The Family would need some to remain behind and
her feelings against the Empire had not changed.

Darana convinced her that she could change the system from within as a
sith. Until that point Darana had made little headway training Janin's
brand of force use, but Janin turned to the dark side fully and after a
rough period of adjustment settled down to master it under Darana's

She doesn't tinker with her ship or visit it often anymore. Does not play
with her machines or turn to them for enjoyment. She hasn't spoken with
any Family, including Raych, in 6 years except for Darana herself. Janin
deliberately broke her ties knowing they'd be a weakness and distraction
in her training.


Phaedra Whitlock

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