Ikara Javan

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Players Name:                   Dana Terry

Physical Description

Race:  Hapan
Homeworld: Gallinore, part of the Hapan Cluster
Age: 35
Profession: Pirate
Position: First Mate aboard the Calico Star

Height: 1.55 meters
Weight: 51 kilos     
Hair: Long, raven's wing black
Eyes: Green
Other: As most Hapan women are, Ikara is beautiful; at least she
would be if it weren't for the scar that cuts across her face

Personal Information
Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name:  N/A
Children:       N/A
Mother: M'Keta of the Royal House of Javan, one of the lower Houses
Father: Zoran Javan

Education: Typical Hapan education with a heavy emphasis on politics

Force Training: No
Master's Name:                   
Light or Dark:                     

Psychological Description

IQ: Above Average
Fears: Being forced to live a life not of her own choosing
Temperament: Quick to anger
Likes: Finding ways to increase her wealth
Dislikes: Anything or anyone that gets in her way
Pet Peeves: Captain Roark's tendency to drink to excess
Goals in Life: More, more and more
Favorite Color: Any color gems come in
Drink: Corellian brandy
Past-times: Enhancing her skills with her knives and blaster
Hobbies: Her profession is her hobby

Military History:  N/A

Special Abilities:  N/A

Personal History:

Currently First Mate aboard the "Calico Star", a Corellian Modified
Corvette captained by Sebastian Ali Roark, aka "White Beard", whom she
has worked with for many years, first as a smuggler and now plying their
trade in the space lanes of the New Republic.  Ikara was raised on
political intrigue and it bored her tremendously.  At a young age, the
rebellious girl began to hang around the space port, much to her mother's
dismay.  She fell in with a rough crowd and began developing into the
hardened woman she became.  When she was ready, she ran away from home,
discarding her Hapan veils and lifestyle forever to become a smuggler and
then later, a pirate.

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