Jerrid Halvan


NOTE: This bio of Jerrid was written as a standard bio for use of the two
Intell Divisions and others who have done background checks. If you need
something not listed please feel free to ask. Jerrid's father may be in a
bio book as local color, I cant remember.

Physical Description

Race: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 24

Profession: Sith Trainee

Height: 5'10"


Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue


Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: -

Children: -

Mother: Shelline Halvan

Father: Chief Archivist Halvan

Education: Standard. Several years in Sith Training.


Military History:

Rank: Cadet

Status: Inactive, ROTC

Army: Imperial Fleet



Force Training: Yes

Master's Name: Lord Vordis, Princess Raven Palpatine, Other

Light or Dark: Dark


Psychological Description

IQ: Above Average

Fears: The dark

Temperament: Motivated, pragmatic, working on patience

Likes: Travel. Order. The presence of droids.

Dislikes: Failure, illness

Pet Peeves: Medical exams

Goals in Life: A position of authority, privelage and wealth. Possibly a
Grand Admiralship or Governor position. Political marriage.


Favorite Color: Olive

Drink: Soda

Pastime: Studying

Food: BBQ Steak Sandwich, medium rare

Hobbies: Positronic Systems


Personal History:

Jerrid's parents met through their jobs in the Imperial Office of the
Chief Archivist. Both loved records and were married in a few short
years. Shelline bore a son, Jerrid, and went back to work almost

Jerrid grew up in the Archivist's Offices it seemed, playing hide and
seek in the stacks or drawing on the backs of scrapped file pages. He
learned to read in the Office and sometimes his mother would let him
assist with basic data entry tasks. Work often took his father away,
Halvan had been deep within the Alliance when Jerrid turned nineteen and
scouring border outposts in search of mercenaries to interview on his
twentieth. In his absence Shelline took over the Archivist duties and so
Jerrid was given a droid early on to both keep him safe and entertained.
More droids were added as the family budget permitted and he began

He developed the Force late and came to the notice of Lord Vordis, who
began training him and taking him along on deep space missions with the
Imperial Fleet. Jerrid came to appreciate the uniforms and smooth
military efficiency around him, and the opportunities for advancement
Sith had in the Empire. Through his apprenticeship with Vordis Jerrid
frequently met Vordis' wife Raven and her sister Samantha, a lightsider.
Although Raven harbored the idea that the two might develop an interest
in each other they instead could hardly stop snapping and arguing. Sam
thought him a nazi thug and he considered her a spoiled brat.

Samantha eventually departed for the Alliance and Rim Territories and
life became quiet again. Jerrid continued to accompany Vordis on space
missions and Fleet maneuvers, but eventually Vordis' ship went missing
and Jerrid was transferred into the Sith Academy. He adapted to the
different methods and increased number of students, and applied himself
towards making contacts among the Sith for the future. He also moved out
of his parent's home into one of his own, though a great deal smaller.

In his graduating year Samantha returned, as a student at the Academy.
This time Jerrid was able to cope with her personality and noticed she
was having trouble with other students. He stepped in staking his prior
claim on her, and began a careful seduction of her towards the dark side
and into his influence. Confused by this 'new' Jerrid and grateful for
his aid Sam didn't do a great deal to stop him. She was transferred out
to Darana's Household after a semester and the two continued to see each
other regularly. Eventually another of Darana's students became curious
then suspicious, and convinced Sam that she shouldn't see him again.
Jerrid was annoyed, and resented the interference but it is clear
Darana's people are in favor with the Emperor so there is little Jerrid
can do about it.



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