Name: JORDAN Player: Janice Mergenhagen

Physical Description

Race: Sith Homeworld: Varelttas (born on Commenor)

Age: Late 40’s Profession: Diplomat

Height: 5’7" Weight: Varies

Hair: Brown Eyes: Green

Current Position: Current Head of Diplomatic Embassy

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name: n/a

Children: n/a

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Education: Early education in an orphanage on Varelttas. Entered the Imperial Academy - did well academically; trained briefly with Lord Vader’s Sith Guards before being assigned to Princess Azarra Vader.



Force Training: Limited Force sensitivity Military History:

(like a 6th sense in dangerous situations). Rank: n/a

Master's Name: Status: n/a

Light or Dark: Army: n/a

Branch: n/a


Psychological Description

IQ: High

Fears: Her fierce loyalty to Lord Vader and Princess Azarra could be considered a weakness.

Special Abilities: Piloting

Temperament: Fiercely loyal and somewhat arrogant

Likes: Serving Princess Azarra

Dislikes: The Emperor, and overzealous Imperials

Pet Peeves: Any criticism of Lord Vader or Princess Azarra

Goals in Life: To serve Her Highness and Lord



Favorite Color: Black. Drink: Doesn’t drink

Pastime: Nothing in particular Food: Nothing in particular.

Hobbies: Reading and tinkering with Her
Highness’ ships.



Personal History:

Jordan was found abandoned on the steps of a Varelttan orphanage at a young age. A brief note identifying her name and origin was all that accompanied her.

Before graduating from the Imperial Academy, she was selected to be part of Lord Vader’s personal staff; hence, she has no rank. Though a bit headstrong, he saw great loyalty and potential in her. She trained in many different areas of his staff, until he finally found the perfect outlet for her talents. Jordan was assigned to serve as pilot and security liaison for the then Princess Azarra Vader, who was organizing a Diplomatic Embassy.

Jordan is in love with Lord Vader, and would do anything for him. She has grown to think of Princess Vader as a sister, and they share a very close relationship. Jordan has had many unpleasant encounters with The Emperor regarding diplomatic procedures. It was Jordan who authorized Prince Trinian’s removal of Azarra from Port Lansing during the poisoning at the wedding, since she was not in favor of the marriage to begin with.

Since the marriage, Jordan has been on Nysh IV serving as the acting Head of the Diplomatic Embassy.

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