Player: Jilly Harris

Physical Description

Race: n/a Homeworld: Geilian
Age: 18 Profession: n/a
Height: 4^5^ Weight: n/a
Hair: in bird form her feathers are blue and red. In human form her hair
is brown with a lot of blue and red streaks.
Eyes: pearlized black

Personal Information
Marital Status: Single
Spouse's name: n/a
Children: n/a

Mother: Tinga (deceased)
Father: Frackus (deceased)

Education: n/a

Force Training: none, but is force sensitive
Master's Name: n/a
Light or Dark: Dark

Psychological Description

IQ: High              Fears: Anything that may hurt her.

Special Abilities: She can transform completely into a bird with red and
blue feathers. When as a full human, she has to dress with long sleeves.
She just can^t quite get the feathers along her shoulders to disappear
to a flesh tone.

Temperament: She tends to hold her anger in, but she is a woman who has
learned to focus her hate inside of her, until she lets it loose, then
she is very volatile. The feathers at her shoulders are usually
indicators that she is upset somewhat. They ruffle when she is upset,
though her face will remain still and she doesn^t seem tense.

Likes: n/a

Dislikes: n/a

Pet Peeves: n/a

Goals in Life: n/a

Favorite Color: n/a Drink: n/a
Pastime: n/a Food: n/a
Hobbies: n/a

Personal History:

 Kaehlyia was the only daughter and child to survive her murderous
father^s tirade amongst her family. Her mother stood back and watched
him kill all of their children, save Kaehlyia, the youngest one.
Kaehlyia was young enough to have her father have a special love for
her, if he wanted to call it that, but old enough to remember and allow
the darkness within to take over. At the age of 17 she repeated the
motions her father took ten years earlier and murdered her parents.
Since then she has been surviving on her own, killing anyone who messes
with her in the wrong way, and is looking for someone to help train her
in some way or at least have someone show her how to control the
darkness inside of her.

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