Kaliandra Daroa


Physical Description:

Age: 17            Race: Corellian        Height: 5'6"     Weight: 150

Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Golden

Other Distinguishing Marks: None

Current Status: Padawan Jedi

Current Job:  Padawan Jedi
Former Job:   None

Special Abilities:

Trained in the use of the Force 

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Unknown

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: NA            
Siblings: NA
Children:  None    
Father's Name:  Klen Daroa
Race:  Corellian
Homeworld:  Corelia
Background: Smuggler

Mother's Name: Janela (Koya) Daroa
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Coruscant
Background:  Daughter of  Jedi Master Aaro Koya,

Force Training:  17 years of intense training under Master Alida D'med
Master: Alida D'med
Light or Dark:  Light.

Psychological Description:

IQ:  above average

Temperament: Quiet and contained when it comes to her training, but vivacious and can be hyperactive at times.

Fears:  Turning to the Dark Side.  Disappointing her Master.

Likes: Music and being around animals and living things

Dislikes: The prevalence of the Dark Side and the up rise of the Sith.

Pet Peeves: Over friendly pilots

Goals in Life: To assist her Master and other in driving the Sith
from the galaxy and being a Guardian of Peace and Truth as her Master
has taught her


Color:  Deep Forest Green and Garnet (color of her lightsaber)
Pastime: Reading, research, practicing lightsaber katas
Hobbies:  Meditation, studying new languages.  
Food:  Correllian Chocolate
Drink: Caffe and Tea

Personal History:

Kaliandra knows very little of her parents just what her Master could
remember of them.  They were killed when she was an infant when their
ship was shot down while bringing supplies to D’med on Almas.
Both of her parents were killed in the crash.

Alida took her in and when she discovered the girl was Force
sensitive, she raised her as her Padawan Learner teaching her in the
way she herself has been trained.   Kaliandra spent the next 17 years
on the planet until Alida felt led of the Force to leave, taking the
girl with her.

Real name: Rebecca Miller        email:Kaliandra2@aol.com   

AIM: Kaliandra2