Player: Renee Gunn

Race: Human
Homeworld: n/a
Age: 25
Profession: spy
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135
Hair:  Constantly changing, naturally reddish brown
Eyes: Green
Marital status: single
Spouse's name: n/a
Children: n/a
Mother: n/a
Father: n/a
Education:  street trained, specialized education from Intel sources
Force Training: no
Master's name: n/a
Light or Dark: n/a
IQ: n/a
Fears:  Trusting people
Temperament:  eeriliy calm, but will know if she's angry.  She's a bit
quick to act on things, relying mainly on her intuition and skill.
Likes: time alone for meditation
Dislikes: n/a
Pet Peeves: hypocrites
Goals in Life:  A part of her wants to know more about her past and her
family.  A part of her seeks for the ability to trust
Favorite Color: Green
Drink: n/a
Pastimes: She gambles, and is good.  Her whole life revolves around a
Food: n/a
Hobbies: sketching
Special abilities:  She is force sensitive, yet she is not trained and
doesn't really recognize it for what it is.  She is more instinct
bound than anything.  She is traine din many weapons, but carries a
staff, which is her main means of defense next to her phaser.  The staff
has its secrets and is deceptively simple.  She prefers it since it
allows her greater flexibility, agility and ease of movement.  She is
trained in various methods of hand-to-hand combat.  Most of her knowledge
of other cultrues has come from her youth.
Personal History:  Not much is known to her about her family.  She was
orphaned and sold into slavery, but she escaped and ended up on the
streets.  She doesn't talk much about her life there, which was not the
most pleasant of experiences.  Most of her time was spent learning to
steal, cheat, fight and just survive from day to day.  She had one friend
who she traveled with.  HE was killed by a bounty hunter after being
accused of stearling a jewel.  The accuser turned out to be the actual
theif.  Katyana got there too late to prevent his death.  Other than this
one person, she odes not and has not ever trusted others easily.  She is
good at what she does because she is willing to take risks, though
sometimes she takes one to many.

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