Kayleigh Keriam


Player:  Ginna Wilcoxen

Physical Description

Race: Coruscani Homeworld: None, born on parents ship
Age:  25 Profession:  Bounty hunter
Height:  5'8 Weight: 175
Hair:  Dark Red Eyes:  Emerald Green

Current Position:  Ship Owner, business woman  Goes by Diamond.

Personal Information

Marital Status:  Single
Spouse's name: n/a
Children: n/a

Mother:  Gavina Fia
Father:  Alastair Keriam
Siblings:  none that are alive.

Education:  Private tutors, very well educated, can mingle in all types
of society.

Force Training:  Minimal - parents , Now apprenticed to Darana
Master's Name:  none 
Light or Dark:  Dark 

Military History: N/A

Psychological Description

IQ:   Photographic Memory - very high IQ                                

Fears:  losing the Tempest, it's the only home she's ever known.

Special Abilities:  Can mind speak to Drysi - a bond they share, not
through the force

Temperament:  Even going until she's crossed or threatened.

Likes:  jewelry (wears a bracelet and ring attached a gift from her

Dislikes:  nothing as of yet.

Pet Peeves:. Employers who try to be dishonest.

Goals in Life:. To hopefully find someone to share her life, like her
father did, and to retire rich.

Favorite Color:  Silver Drink:  Ale
Pastime: Reading/Singing Food:  as long as it's cooked
Hobbies:  collecting jewelry and daggers, singing.

Personal History:

Kayleigh was raised by her parents on the Tempest. Taught everything she
knows, spent small amounts of time away from her parents to study with
private tutors and attend some schools.  Parents trained Kayleigh how to
defend herself as well as how to deal with people and make contracts and
build up a reputation.

Upon her 17th birthday was given the Tempest as a birthday gift.

Has a loyal friend Drysi Adyna - who served with Kayleigh's parents now
is with herÔ^└Ž.

As long as the credits are good, has no objection to what the job is.

Goes by code name Diamond.

Her name means Dark hair battle maid

Her fathers' name means: Dark hair defender of man.
Where her mother means - White hawk /dark peace

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Thu Jul 17 2003