Keith La'Rose


Player: Amanda Wilcoxen

Physical Description:

Age: 24

Home World: Yavin

Race: Human

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 177

Sex: Male

Hair Colour: Blond, wavy, worn to the collar

Eye Colour: Crystal Blue

Distinguishing Marks: Has a large scar on his right knuckle from cutting it on glass and also a faint scar on his left calf from a stab wound he received from when he was younger.

Current Status:

Current Job: Alliance Intel.

Force Training: No

Master's Name: -

Light or Dark: Light

Personal Information:

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: -

Children: -

Mother's Name: Adeana La'Rose

Race: Human

Homeworld: Yavin

Background: Farmer

Father's Name: K'Line La'Rose

Race: Human

Homeworld: Yavin

Background: Farmer

Siblings: Sister, Medenna

Education: College, military training, and further

Psychological Description:

IQ: Slightly above average.

Fears: Betraying the Alliance, losing those he cares about.

Temperament: Outspoken, *very* stubborn.

Likes: Ale, food, challenging games.

Dislikes: Traitors, the Empire, anyone not loyal to the Alliance.

Pet Peeves: Hypocrites.

Goals in Life: To be the best he can be in his line of business and not get caught.

Favorite Color: Forest Green.

Drink: Ale.

Pastimes: Hanging out with his best friend William Scott Trent, strategy games.

Food: Chicken

Hobbies: Strategy games, bugging Trent.

Military History:

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Status: Active

Army: Alliance

Branch: Intel

Special Abilities: Has past sight, telepathic, can break codes of any sort, very good in cryptology. Some piloting skills.

Personal History:

At the age of 17 he left home to join the military. But only when Medenna went into the Jedi Academy did he actually leave home. When he arrived at his destination, he quickly became friends with another cadet, William Scott Trent. While he's been in the military, he's received a lot of training in piloting and surveillance. Sometime later on, he became fascinated when he heard about intelligence from Trent. Seeing that he wanted, and could do more better in something more challenging and fast paced, he applied.

Even though Trent got into Intel before he did, he still made it in. He was trained in several areas, especially code breaking, computers, and cryptology. He still goes out on several missions a week. It is very easy for him to pick up any kind of skill.

Currently, he and Trent are investigating the shuttlecraft on Hoth.

[This really isn't OOC info, but he does have some force abilities, he just denies it and rather be a soldier, intelligence personal, than a Jedi like his sister.]

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