Khevyn of Zeltros


PLAYER: Season Irwin

NAME:  Khevyn of Zeltros, from South Sector, Mirrored Pools Valley
GENDER:  Male      
AGE:  23 standard years     
RACE:  Zeltron

MILITARY DIVISION:  Mercenary Guild - no other affiliation

5' 11" tall, lean and muscular, broad shouldered Boyishly handsome.
Bright red hair worn short at the back and long and straight in the
front and parted to one side.  Red skin and eyes.  Always seen
wearing black clothing.  BEHAVIOR:  Very quiet and alert to what goes
on around himself.  A good listener.  Enjoys spoiling, serving and
romancing the ladies.  Tends to fall in love very easily, and is very
romantic.  Appears somewhat shy and withdrawn but is usually very
friendly.  When he uses it he has a very charming smile.  Very quiet,
but can be seen singing ( good voice ) in public with his shipmates
for their ladyfriends.   Very engaging when he trusts someone.  Loyal
and true.  Emotions tend to show on his face, so he has trouble
looking tough.  Stays close to Dani of Zeltros in public, as he is
very drawn to her.  Is good pals with Trehvor 

Stealth is his speciality.  This aids him in gaining information
easily.  Is a gourmet chef on board Dani's ship the Lover's Embrace
as part of her crew Very clear, excellent memory and recall of
details.  Wonderful masseur.  Has exceptional stamina and strength.
Likes running.  Good mech; learned back home on Zeltros.  Has
impeccable taste in wines.  Great holo-chess player, wins every time
he plays any of his buddies.  Good at evasive maneuvers when in a

Left Zeltros at age 21 to travel the galaxy, financed by his
excellent cooking ability.  Was hired two years later as personal
chef for Dani and her crew, and given partnership in her business as
well.  Well-loved back home on Zeltros as a wonderful chef.

WEAPONS:  Blaster. Even wears it in the galley when cooking.  

Solitary confinement.  Getting hurt - doesn't deal with pain well
Being unable to help Dani in an emergency.  Seperation from his

Cooking new dishes.  Watching people.  Music and dancing.  Parties
Finding a lady to love.  Taking care of Dani's every need.  Exciting
wines.  Traveling and seeing the galaxy.  

Roughness, rude behavior.  Being without a lady-love.  Being
seperated from his kitchen or crewmates.  Misplacing cooking tools or
anyone else going into his workplace - very territorial about his
galley [  Resembles Brad Pitt  ] 

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