Kirienne Nigheansidhe


Player: Geri Kittrell

Physical Description

Race: Homeworld: Sidhe (fey)

Age: Profession: though no longer in the mortal realm, she is a Warrior, and champion of her King. She remains also, a Jedi Knight.

Height: Weight:

Hair: silvery Eyes: pewter grey

Current Position: Deceased a ghost advisor for the Jedi Council

Personal Information

Marital Status:

Spouse's name:


Mother: Dierdre

Father: Jarek Conlir


Education: informal, shipboard; by a tutor who was a bard of the Isle


Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: She had semi-formal training with Rank

Luke Skywalker and Gylpyn Cairbre, Status:

a very ancient Jedi warrior, (and also from data tapes Army:

made by her father) Branch:

Light or Dark: Very Light


Psychological Description

IQ: Fears: Cold Iron

Special Abilities: they are many because of her Sidhe magical powers, Can move through time and space, Can move as soundlessly and as quickly as she want, Can cast illusions/glamour’s, Has the power to enchant mortals, Can mind speak, Can truth read and command truth speak from others, She can use telekinesis, as well as many others.


Likes: Her comforts, being treated with the respect due her title of King’s Champion. Corellian Brandy, ales and, of course, faerie wine

Dislikes: Because of her Sidhe nature, she HATES all things evil and cruel and she detests rudeness and being treated in a disrespectful manner

Pet Peeves:.

Goals in Life:.



Favorite Drink:

Pastime: Food:




Personal History:

shortly after Kirienne was born, a glamour-illusion was placed on her making it possible for her to be raised mostly in the mortal realm, so that she could fulfill her destiny. That destiny was that she be a fighter against tyranny and darkness. Her foster parents were Barad and Ellarin Volrath. Barad was murdered by Imperials when she was 14 years of age. She was held by one of them and made to watch, and then she was thrown on top of his body, while they laughed. She pulled a hide out blaster from his boot and more than evened the score. She then stole their ship and flew, by herself, to Mos Eisley where she found her true sire, Jarek ‘Solo’, who was also under a glamour so he could live for a time in the mortal realm. She finished her piloting and warrior training with him, until he ‘crossed the veil’ back to the Sidhe realm when she was 18. She traveled with his co-pilot Tylen who was also under faerie glamour and they joined the Alliance. She didn’t find out until a few years before her ‘final’ mortal battle that she was of Sidhe blood.

*** Kirienne is thought to be a ghost by those mortals who do not believe in the Sidhe. Most of the Jedi consider her to ‘be one with the Force’ now, even though she can be very corporeal when she wants to be.

SPECIAL NOTE: Although she is of the Sidhe Realm, she is a warrior, and will fight in mortal battles to protect those she is sworn to protect. She has also fought a battle of magic with the DubhSidhe, (dark Sidhe)

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