Darien Lell


PLayer: John Medkeff

Physical Description
Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Twenties

Height: 6' 0'

Hair: Black

Weight: 170 lbs.

Eyes: green

Homeworld: Kandaric

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Children: none

Mother: Rea Lell

Father: Telnar Lell

Force Training: yes

Master's Name:  Trained at Jedi Academy on Yavin


Military History

Side: Alliance
Satus: Jedi Knight

Personal History

    Darien Lell was born on Kandaric, a agricultural in Alliance space.  His
parents were squires in the Kandar Order, which was sort of a planetary
equivalent of the Jedi.
    When the Clone Wars began the Kandars left Kandaric to fight beside the
Jedi.  All the knights and all but the most senior of masters and junior of
squires went to the war.  None returned.
    Darien's parents were both too young to take part in the war.  By the
time Darien was born the Kandar order was gone.  The masters were dead, and
the survivers were all partialy trained squires.  He grew up as gentry as
his parents retained the status if not the skill of the Kandars.  He was
taught as much of the Force as his parents knew.
    At age twelve the government of Kandaric decided to send him to Yavin to
study under Luke Skywalker.  They hope he will one day return as a Jedi
master and rebuild the Kandars.