Linora Cass Terreile

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Player: Renee Gunn


Physical Description

Race: Human

Homeworld: Shardakour

Age: 28

Profession: Corridom/Aide to Tara Alderson

Hair: light brown

Eyes: blue


Personal Information


Marital Status: unmarried


Mother: Lady Marian Terreile

Father: Lord Candor Terreile


Brothers: Remin Terreile 33, Valrik Terreile 24


Education: Taught by tutors both in academic and in physical skills.

Force Training: Enough to attune her slight telepathic abilities that she



Psychological Description


IQ: slightly above average

Fears: Bringing dishonor to her family.  Heights.

Temperament: Linora is a tenacious woman.  Her parents raised her that she

was as strong as her brothers and could do anything she set her mind to.

She's strong and accepts her responsibilities head on without shying from

the consequences of any of her actions.  She's a keen observer.



Likes: Having time alone to contemplate.

Dislikes: Those who skirt responsibility.


Goals in Life: Have a family and to continue in her duties to the Shardakour




Special Abilities: Slight telepathic skills. Highly organized and creative.



Personal History


Linora Terreile has had a quiet life so far.  She was

raised by her family on their estate, her father governing over a subdomain

of land for the royal family of Shardakour.  He takes great pride in his

work and strives to continuously improve the conditions there.   Her mother

and father have provided a loving home and Linora was educated no

differently than her brothers, except for a few lessons in a lady's duties

at Court.   Linora has always been headstrong and stands by her opinions and

beliefs with an unwavering strength.  She does know the value of silence and

of the assistance it can provide in learning about those around you.   She

has recently been named as Corridom to the royal family and is extremely

honored by the title.  She looks forward to bringing honor to her family, to

serving the Royal family and accepting all of the challenges that the

position will bring.