Lyzoun Laudrin


Player: Dora Furlong

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Nieshev

Age: 28 Profession: Mercenary Solider

Height: 5'8 Weight: 140

Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name:


Mother: Lady Lynnete Caravel

Father: Lord Jethro Caravel


Education: Standard for Nieshev


Force Training: n/a Military History: n/a

Master's Name: Rank:

Light or Dark: Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: Normal

Fears: Being sedentary for too long, slow painful death, being forced into a marriage

Special Abilities: Reconnaissance, Marksman, Tactics

Temperament: Quiet, Watchful, Takes time to plan her actions, but will act upon an opportunity should one present itself

Likes: Traveling, life as a mercenary

Dislikes: People not willing to fight for the things they want in life

Pet Peeves: Stupidity in Commanding Officers or Employers

Goals in Life: To enjoy life and to travel


Favorite Color: Silver Drink: Yavin Ale

Pastime: Sword Work Food: Meat

Hobbies: Playing Sports



Personal History:

Lyz was the first born to the Caravel family, a minor noble family on her homeworld. She hated the requirements placed on her and dreamt of being free to travel and roam around in space.

To induce some proper manners in Lyzoun, her parents sent her to live with her Aunt, Bethany Laudrin, on Coruscant when she was 16. Bethany decided that perhaps a dose of reality would wake the young girl up and placed Lyz with a small mercenary unit who was in need of a general hand around camp. Lyz took her aunt's last name and worked as a general runner for the unit.

One day she met Keenan Bryne, a soldier with the unit. He became curious about her and why she was with them. Over time he took her under his care and began to teach her about blasters, tactics, working with a unit. Eventually she developed the necessary skills and joined the group as a soldier. After a while Keenan had to leave the group for unknown reasons and Lyzoun wanted to travel more, so she took her leave of the unit and worked on her own for a while. Eventually she was accepted into the Ring Star Legion and traveled with them for many years.

For many years her Aunt helped keep her activities quiet from her family, until her family called her home. Lyz left the Ring Star Legion to return to her parents and discovered they had arranged a marriage for her. Refusing to accept her fate, Lyzoun walked out the night before the wedding and has not seen any family, other than her aunt since.

She now travels alone mostly, although occasionally hooking up with others she knows in the profession for joint contracts.

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