Malaika Tressie Falver

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Player: Renee Gunn

Physical Description


Race: Human

Homeworld: Telos

Age: 28

Profession: Potter/farmer/merchant

Hair: light brown

Eyes: brown


Personal Information


Marital Status: married - 10 years

Spouse's Name: Andulvar Falver

Children: 3 - Tricia 8, Daemon 5, and Dalia 2.


Mother: Tressie Reineach

Father: Caleb Reineach


Sisters: Tessa Mearin 36

Brothers: Laramy Reineach 36,  Nevil Reineach 34, Everard Reineach 32, and

Stephen Reineach 24.


Education: Standard schooling

Force Training: n/a


Psychological Description

IQ: average

Fears: Enclosed spaces

Temperament: Malaika is very even tempered.  She has an enormous amount of

patience and is always looking to make others feel welcome into her home.

She does have a strength about her, even though it is not always obvious.


Likes: Being with her family.

Dislikes: People who lie and who dishonor themselves by passing over their responsibilities or not taking the responsibility


Goals in Life: To continue to do what she is doing.  Make a good home and happy home for her family, raising her children and providing for them.


Special Abilities: Pottery.  Her pottery is becoming recognized and sold more widely off planet.


Personal History


Malaika is a fairly simple woman.  Her main desires in life are to raise and provide for her family and to keep them happy.  She enjoys family get together, and when she has the opportunities, time alone with her husband.  She sees herself as fortunate to have come from the

good home that she has come from and to have a good husband.   She is a strong woman and will speak her mind readily, yet she does her best to make

guests welcome in her home.   Even with the growing intrest in her pottery she

still remains down to earth, not seeing the fascination others have with

her work.   She simply sees herself as a mother and a wife and that is what is important to her.

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