Mara Jade


Physical Description




Weight:135 lbs.

Personal Information
Marital Status:	Single
SpouseĘs Name:	N/A
Children:	N/A

Education: Taken at age 5 by the Emperor. Private tutors and personal training from the Emperor.

Force Training:Yes

MasterĘs Name:Luke Skywalker

Light or Dark:Light

Psychological Description

IQ:	High 

Fears: Failure on her part, which causes others harm. Unwillingly being used by the Emperor.

Temperament: Slow to trust and wary.

Likes:	Keeping busy.

Dislikes: Emperor, people getting in her way. Powerful Sith and undue cruelty.

Pet Peeves: N/A

Goals in Life: To see the Emperor destroyed.

Favorite Color: N/A
Pasttimes:	N/A
Hobbies:	N/A
Drink:	N/A
Food:	N/A

Military History:
Rank: Lieutenant	
Status:	Missing in Action
Army:	Alliance
Branch:	lntelligence/Trasiir

Special Abilities:
Dancing, computer systems, piloting, escape artistry, disguise, hand-to-hand, secu rity systems, and dagger/vibro-blade

Personal History:

Mara Jade once served as the EmperorĘs Hand, an extension of the EmperorĘs will that could go anywhere in the galaxy to advance his evil. Her limited abilities in the Force made her a perfect agent; she could hear her masterĘs call over vast dis tances. She had prestige, power, purpose and respect-until Luke Skywalker caused the EmperorĘs death. She blamed herself for that event, for she was on Tatooine, undercover in Jabba the HuttĘs court, when Skywalker arrived to rescue Han Solo.

She was unable to work her way onto JabbaĘs sail barge, however, so Skywalker eluded her and eventually went to EndorĘs moon for the confrontation with her master.

After the death of the Emperor, the woman with the dancerĘs figure, green eyes, and red- gold hair was consumed by deep hatred for Skywalker. In fact, the last message her master sent to her was an order to kill Luke Skywalker.

After Endor, Mara coud not go to the Imperial remnants, for her identity was a secret. She had worked outside the normal chain of command and protocol, a shadow controlled by the Emperor and unknown to the rest of the bureaucracy. Besides, the Empire was dying and she did not want to be part of its funeral.

Still, she had no identity, no contacts, no resources.

She was forced to take whatever jobs she could find, all the while planning the many ways she would kill Skywalker.

She eventually hooked up with Talon KarrdeĘs organization, and her abilities and training earned her the rank of second-in-command.

Her powers began to return in response to the emergence of the insane Jedi Master Joruss CĘBaoth.

On Myrkr, she was forced to help Luke Skywalker in order to save Karrde and his orga nization. This pattern repeated itself a number of times during the events surrounding the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

In the end, Mara continued to help Skywalker, and he in turn helped her.

She was able to quench her hatred by slaying the clone of Luke Skywalker created by Joruus CĘBaoth.

Skywalker offered to let her stay with the Alliance as a link to the mercenaries. She agreed.

Soon afterwards the Emperor reappeared and began tormenting Mara, sending her messages to betray the Alliance and kill itsĘ leaders.

Mara disappeared from the Alliance in order to avoid betraying those she had begun caring about.

Two years later she met Kirienne Solo in a cantina and decided to accept their offers of help.

Mara is uncertain of her ability to uphold the Jedi Creed so has accepted the position of Trasiir.

She is well aware of her hatred for the Emperor and wants nothing more than to see him destroyed.

During a mission for Alliance Intelligence at Port Lansing in 1994 Mara
was kidnapped and has been Missing in Action ever since. 

She resurfaced during Port Lansing of 2000, when she attempted to kill Princess Azarra during the engagement party to Emperor Palpatine. 

Later in 2000 she made another assasination attempt, this time on Jedi
Trainee Dana Esme. 

OOC: Mara Jade is currently mind controlled and brainwashed by Anelis

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