Medenna La'Rose


Physical Description:

Race: Human

Homeworld: Yavin

Age: 16

Profession: Jedi Padawan

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 129

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Personal Information:

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: -

Children: -

Mother: Adeana La'Rose

Father: K'Line La'Rose

Siblings: Older brother, Keith La'Rose

Education: Jedi Academy

Force Training: [Yes/No] Yes

Master's Name: Mair Li Jun

Light or Dark: Light

Psychological Description:

IQ: A little above average

Fears: Failing the Jedi, giving into the dark, losing her brother.

Temperament: Mild -- she's very reserved.

Likes: Reading, training and learning in the Force, getting to know others, chamber music.

Dislikes: Rash judgments, darksiders

Pet Peeves: Being captured

Goals in Life: Becoming a great Knight and serving the Force

Favourite Colour: Purple/Blue

Drink: Juice, water.

Pastimes: Reading, training, talking with her brother when she can.

Food: Fruit, anything that looks appetizing.

Hobbies: Strategy games

Special Abilities: Telekinetic, telepathy, acrobatic, the sight (past/future).

Personal History:

When she was nine she started having dreams and nightmares of things to come, and at other times, things from the past. She didn't tell her parents, or her friends, in fear of being considered an outcast, so she kept this to herself until a few days later when she started to move things with her mind and heard voices in her head, often hearing what others around her were thinking. She finally told her parents, scared, and they sent her to the Jedi Academy on Yavin afterwards.

Medenna has trained as a Jedi ever since and her heart is set on the Academy, even if she may not have many friends. She attached herself to one Jedi, Octavia Syn Jinn, and considered Octavia one of her most close friends.

In 2001, while traveling with Octavia to Gaosheeda, they were captured along with two other Jedi by Raven Palpatine and put into the sensory deprivation tanks. Rescued in August.

In 2002, is kidnapped when she went to visit brother. Transport had a malfunction and she was knocked out with a dart and taken to Arridor; where Xanatos Labs were and was tested on. Later on after they were rescued, Master Alida D'med asks Medenna to be her padawan at Port Lansing, she accepts. Then again is captured by Mia Jesbar, who was tricked by Xanatos. Is tortured with Kaliandra. Goes with Alida to see Xanatos' punishment and suggests when no one suggest anything that he is flogged and have him travel back to the council and apologize.

End of 2002 after her birthday, she loses her Master, who is replaced weeks later by Mair Li Jun, travels with her aboard the Telyn with Corwin.

2003, Talks to Rachel Summers at Port Lansing about their gifts of the "sight". Talks with Mia during the weekend as well as other younger Jedi, Serena, Acona, and one she can't remember the name of.