Mern Gannon-Dorf


Player: Aron Sandler


Physical Description


Race: Human

Homeworld: Eilat 

Age:  25

Profession:   Mercenary/bounty hunter

Height:  5"11'

Weight:  166 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue


Personal Information


Marital Status:  single

Spouse's Name:  n/a

Children:  none

Mother: Lis Gannon

Father:  Triv Dorf


Education:  Home Schooled for 5 years


Force Training: [Yes/No]  no

Master's Name:  n/a

Light or Dark:  n/a


Psychological Description


IQ:  Above Average

Fears:  failure


Temperament:  Cool, distrustful, devious

Likes:  order, security

Dislikes:  Chaos, failure


Favorite Color:  Black and Red


Pasttimes:  Flying


Hobbies:  flying


Military History: Eilatian Special Operations- 3 years training, 12 years


Rank:  Lieutenant Colonel

Status:  Honorable Discharge

Army: Eilatian Armed Forces, Special Ops

Branch: Army


Special Abilities: Force sensitivity- abilities unknown.


Personal History:


[OUT OF CHARACTER INFO--Mern comes from the planet Eilat, which is located

on the edge of the outer rim.  At age 10 he was pulled from his house by

the military and was sent for special ops training, his job was information

gatherer (which is a fancy name for interrogator/torturer) after his 3

years of training he served 12 years in the military, obtaining the rank of

Lieutenant Colonel, when he got a target he never failed to capture him. He

retired with an honorable discharge.  He left Eilat in because he did not

want to return to his family.  When he arrived at port Lansing the only

thing he knew how to do was to find and catch people, so he naturally

became a bounty hunter.


While he was in the military, his job required him to know what was going

to happen, why it was going to happen, and when it was going to happen.]

He applied that in his first year in Port Lansing and was very successful

in hunting bounties.  He caught everyone he went after. However in his

second year at Port Lansing, the first night he was there, he was walking

down the corridor when he was knocked off his feet by a blast, it

disoriented him, he did not know what it was, he began to feel insecure, as

a result of this insecurity he failed to capture a single bounty during the

weekend.  While on Port Lansing he stole some imperial technology, which

the empire wanted back, as a result he is wanted for that theft, also the

empire suspects him of working as a double agent, and he feels that his

life is in danger from the empire. Also during the blaster battle he was

healed by Jaina Solo, while that was happening he had a flashback of the

blast. After the battle he talked with Jaina about it and she said that he

was force sensitive and that he felt her and that he should speak to the

council, however Mern was uncomfortable talking to the council due to it's

distrust of him, he asked to speak with an individual Jedi master, Jaina

referred him to her uncle, Luke Skywalker.  When he met with Luke, Luke

managed to convince him to come to Yavin in search of the answers he seeks.

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