Michael Cairnfell


Player: Dora Furlong
Homeworld: Coruscant
Race: Human
Profession: Assasin
Weight: 260
Height: 5'9 
Age: 16
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Personal History

Mother: Darana Cairnfell (adopted)
Father:Deveron Arsein-Davis (adopted)

Mother: Nannette Adoy (birth) Deceased Father: Jacob Adoy (birth) Deceased Sister: Nedege Antoinette Adoy Ohter unique markings: Michael has medically enhanced healing. Education: Standard Imperial school, Private tutors, training form other members of 'the household'. Force Training: No Psychological Description: IQ: Normal Fears: Darana's Wrath Temperament: Intense; Tenacious Likes: Killing Dislikes: Lost Prey Pet Peeves: Beings who will not fight; cowardice Favorite Color: Orange Drink: Water Hobbies: Alien Anatomy Past Times: Fighting Special Abilities: Michael is well versed in many forms of hand to hand, Various blade and sword work, Blasters, blunt/edged weapons, Stealth technology, Disguise, and Surveillance Techniques. Personal History: When Michael was 3, his sister, Nedege, defected to the Alilance. Darana Cairnfel assinated his parents and legally adopted him. Michael is unaware that Darana is responsible for his parents death. Michael was very fond of Darana's husband, Deveron, and was quite upset when he left. These experiences taught him not to become close to anyone. That all relationships are tenuous at best and always come to an end. Darana, uopn finalization of his adoption, immediatley began training Michael to be an assasin. She taught him about his Sister and her defection to the Alliance, explaining to him that it would be his duty, someday to bring retribution to Nedege. Other than the desire to see his sister dead, Michael is politically ambivalent. He will go wherever there is killing. While Michael is not very close with Darana, he does fear her and what she would do to him if he ever betrayed or failed her. He was not very happy when she decided to move him out of his quarters in the lower restricted 10th level to the higher levels with the other members of the household. For the most part he keeps to himself. He is not antisocial, more quiet and reserved; observing everything around him. Michael leaves the act of leadership to others. Recently Micheal entered into a relationship with Sidra Roamstar and survived HELL.

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