Race: Human Homeworld:Nebula
Age: 22 	Profession: Mercenary
Height: 5'7 	Weight: n/a
Hair: white  	Eyes: white

Personal Information
Marital Status: single
Spouse's name:
Children: none

Mother: Queen Chaitanya of Nebula
Father: King Rhaun of Paskel/Nebula

Education: formal education; then street education.

Military History:
Force Training: none Rank:
Master's Name: Army:
Light or Dark: Branch:

Psychological Description

IQ: above average               
Fears: losing those she loves. 

Special Abilities: thinks she is clairvoyant but it is a sign of force

Temperament: slow to anger; usually fairly laid back



Pet Peeves: people that think they are better then others.

Goals in Life: To find the person who killed her family and make them
pay, then make those that hired him/her pay.

Favorite Color: blue and green Drink: just about anything wet.
Pastime: reading Food: n/a
Hobbies: n/a

Personal History:

 Midalah was born on the planet of Nebula. The youngest child and
only daughter born to Chaitanya of Nebula and R'Haun of Paskel.
R'Haun was a blacksmith from the planet Paskel, but Chaitanya loved
him, and no law in Nebula states that the Crowned Princess or any
members of the royal family must marry someone of noble blood. Since
Nebula's planet is ruled with a matriarch Royalty, Princess Reesha,
Chaitanya's younger sister, was ecstatic because Chaitanya and R'Haun
had only sons, because it meant that with the succession law, that
when Reesha's own daughter, Melantha, would become the queen when
Chaitanya died. Reesha hated her sister for being older and acquiring
the crown when their mother died when Chaitanya was 22 and already
wed with a son. At age 20, Reesha had her daughter, then three more,
while Chaitanya continued to have sons.

 Reesha made plans for her daughter to take the throne for 10 years,
knowing her daughter would take the throne after 18 and once
Chaitanya was dead, something Reesha would take care of. Reesha was
furious when Chaitanya's sixth child was the only daughter she would
ever have.  Midalah was a sickly child at first, and Reesha gloated
in the fact that she would die soon, and her plans would not be
thwarted. But eventually the white haired, white eyed little girl
grew healthy after a visit from a man in brown robes. Reesha faded
into the background but not for long.

 The one constant in Midalah's life besides her brothers, mother and
father, was that of S'Lara Mercetto and her son, Lon Solo. With a 2
year old son, S'Lara was looking for some type of job. Chaitanya
instantly liked the woman and they became fast friends, and she hired
S'Lara for a number of different jobs, and gave her and Lon their own
quarters within the palace. Midalah grew up knowing Lon, and the two
were constantly teasing each other and playing practical jokes, ever
since they were tiny children. Chaitanya always believed the two
would be together some day, because Lon got to Midalah in a way
during his teasings that even her brothers could not do.

 Reesha waited in the background till her daughter was old enough to
be the queen, and she started plotting again. Melantha was 10 years
older then her cousin, and Reesha began making plans to do something
to Midalah so that Melantha would have the crown once Chaitanya was
gone.  Her plans were almost thwarted again when Chaitanya announced
she was pregnant with another child and Reesha feared it would be
another girl, so she arranged for Midalah^s entire family to be
killed. Midalah was celebrating her 16th birthday with friends before
coming home to find her entire family slaughtered. She was
devastated, till she watched her cousin take the throne, and the smug
smirk her aunt had over it. Midalah knew then that her aunt was
responsible for the carnage, and vowed to find who she hired to do
it. Once she took care of that, she would make her aunt pay and take
her rightful place as queen once she was old enough.

S'Lara and Lon had left eight years before Midalah's family was
killed, and returned to Nebula to pay their respects to those that
had meant so much to them. S'Lara found Midalah, dirty and crying,
anger radiating from her, and she knew she needed to care for her
till she was ready to be on her own. Midalah took almost a full year
to compose herself and during that time she began doing research on
how to find the person who killed her family. Shortly before her 17th
birthday she left S'Lara, and headed out on her own. A parting gift
she received from Lon was a comb in the shape of her favorite flower,
and she hated that she was leaving him behind, but she was afraid her
anger would harm both Lon and S'Lara.  She hasn't seen them since she
left, and hasn't kept in touch with them much either. But she's about
to come back into their lives.

Jilly Harris
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Galien, MI 49113

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