Mieke Jaceene Richards

Corporate Sector Mercenary

Physical Description

Homeworld: Caprica
Height: 5'7.5"
Hair: reddish Brown
Age: 32
Weight: 140 
Eyes: Brown

personal Information:

Marital Status: Single
Spouse N/A
Children N/A

Mother: Rayna Richards
Father: Seldrake Richards

Education: Standard Education for her homeworld. Attended local college
for Business Administration and technological development. Upon
graduation she immediately went to work for her fathers company. She took
over the business when her father disappeared. 

Abilities: Mieke is well trained with a Blaster and Blunt Intstruments.
SHe specializes in Security Systems. She is an accomplished escape
artist. SHe developed this ability from testing teh security features
they develop for Cells.    

Force Training: N/A
Military History: N/A

Psychological Description:

IQ: High

Fears: Imperial takeover of her company. Slight fear of Sith. 

Temperament: calm, practical, level headed. Does not excite easily. 

Likes: Making strong business deals and foiling Imperial plans. 

Dislikes: Power Mongers 

Pet Peeves: People who can  not make a decision.

Goals in Life: To reunite the corporate sector, and to see a more
responsible, stable government established.

Personal History: She is now the CEO of Drayzon Industries. They
specialize in developing and sales of security systems. When Mieke was 25 
her father went on a business trip to the rim and never returned. There were 
no records in the business computers or on his home systems. No one knew 
just exactly what his trip to the rim was for. Mieke's investigation turned up 
empty, she believes her father is dead. 

Mieke secretly supplies information to the rebels and always provides a
discount to the alliance on all purchased technology. 

At Port Lansing in 05.1999 Mieke was called into Alliance Intel by her
long time frined of teh family Kyra Matthews. Mieke was introduced to, at
the time, Colonel M. Branwayn Director of Intel. The pair requested her
assistnace in spyoing on teh Empire. She refused but was evnetually given
little choice but to agree to the process. Mieke's memories were replaced
by those of Imperial Colonel Lynn Drayzen. Unknown to Mieke or Lynn, the
pair are twin sisters. Thier mother died in a mining accident while they
were young. Lynn was rescued by Impoerial search crews and seperated from
the family.  

Mieke was discovered as an imposter but, was unaware of her true
identity. She was assisted out of Port Lansingby Ebon Cheval, Lon Solo,
and Tara Alderson. 

Tara's body guard, Topaz, immediately recognized Mieke, his former
employer of 5 years and informed Tara of her true identity. Tara
contacted teh Alliance and arranged for them to undo the conditioning
they had imposed upon her. 

Mieke is now leery of the Alliance and its personnel. 

Drink: None
Favorite Color: Red
Past Times: reading and searching for her father
Hobbies: Electronics and researching new security systems.  
Food: Steak
Drink: Water

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