Mikala Volaris-Steele


Player: Rebecca Miller



Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 28 Profession: Assassin, Business woman

Height: 5'8" Weight: 135

Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown

Current Position:



Personal Information


Marital Status: Unmarried

Fiancé’s name: Jedi Knight Darien Lell


Mother: Trinity Volaris

Father: Torin Stellas

Siblings: Half siblings from her Father’s side: Tarlon, Tirna, Korhan, Quitana, Javon, Laran, Irianna, Caitlin, Kieren, Kerisha

Education: Private tutoring various sources




Force Training: Limited Military History:

Master's Name: Grandmother, Lesha Volaris

Current Master: Taras Steele Rank:

Light or Dark: Dark Status:





Psychological Description


IQ: Above Average Fears: Loss of Control and confinement, extreme


Special Abilities: Mikala has an untrained Force ability of great strength but has no idea how to control it.

Temperament: Emotionally unstable and given to passionate outburst of temper, but slowly learning to control it.

Likes: Control, organization, and finer things in life

Dislikes: Aggravating beings, loud noises, and being dirty

Pet Peeves:

Goals in Life: To get control back of her life, learn to control her
ability in the Force, and be a wife to Darien Lell.


Favorite Color: Dark purple Drink: Juri berry sparkle water

Pastime: Learning about shopping from Food: Correlian Chocolate truffles

her sisters and learning how to actually relax
and enjoy life.

Hobbies: Honing her skill with a vibroshiv and lightsaber and learning
the to control her Force abilities.  Also, reading and music


Personal History:

Force Training: Limited, stealth, combat, and hand and eye coordination augmentation, just started Force training with her Father, Taras Steele and meditation with Jedi Knight Darien Lell

Weapon of choice: vibroshiv Lightsaber: Ebony

Mikala was raised by her grandmother after her mother left her shortly after her birth. Her mother had not interest in an infant. Her grandmother trained her in the Force and ingrained a deep hatred of the Jedi into her young mind. Her grandmother raised Mikala until she was eight years old. Her mother returned and killed her mother in a quarrel over the girl. Her mother then took her and trained her to be an assassin. Mikala’s years with her mother were not pleasant and she developed a deep hatred for the woman. When she was able she ran away from her and went into business for herself. Through many danger years she build a fortune for herself and created Darkfire Industries.

Mikala med Xanatos DuCruet and went into business with him. As time went on, things moved from just business to something more. Mikala found herself starting to have feelings for him. Feelings she had not felt for another being since her grandmother’s death many years before. Then DuCruet was taken by the Alliance and she hooked up with Silo Mathews, DuCruet’s second and worked with him to try to free DuCruet. In a failed attempt to use an Alliance officer to bargain for DuCruet, Mikala was brutal mentally assaulted by a young Jedi. Mikala as wounded deeply in her psyche. She was nearly driven mad by the damage that had been done.

DuCruet was freed and they were reunited. He tried to lessen her torment and then took her to Shardarkar. Once there it was arranged for her to be healed by Master Serris. During the healing, Serris unleashed emotions Mikala had been repressing since she was a very small child, among them, love. After the healing, DuCruet took her to a cabin far from the palace to rest and regain her strength. While there, distraught and deeply disturbed by the emotions she suddenly raging through her and hurt by DuCruet’s sudden distance in his reactions to her she slit her wrist. DuCruet found her and got her medial attention. She was taken to a medical facility for treatment.

While there, she and DuCruet spoke and she finally admitted she loved him and he proposed to her. Still trying to get use to the idea that someone truly cared about her, he told her that he was in love with another woman and she was expecting his child, but he cared for both of them. Shocked, but his admission and deeply wounded, she exploded, literally, her latent force abilities unleashed in the attack by the Jedi manifested itself and she attacked DuCruet wounding him. She collapsed from the outburst. Shortly thereafter she left Shardarkar, in a private transport provided by Lady Alderson to head back to her own life.

Shortly after leaving Shardarkar, she started to search out the only link to her past she knew nothing about, her father. She had his name and a ring her mother had left with her. She tracked the name, Torin Stellas, to Torion. Her questioning of the locals drew attention to her and to the local Imperial authorities. Through a series of events, she was found by Lord Taras Steele and found to be his eldest daughter. She was taken to Zoron after accidentally poisoning herself with the Lexor poison and cured by Lady Cassandra Mathem-Steele. Lady Steele later correct damage to her back that had been inflicted by Mikala’s mother when Mikala was thirteen.

Lord Steele has recognized her has his daughter and she has taken his name as her own.

While on Zoron, Mikala met and eventually fell in love with Knight Darien Lell who had been brought to Zoron to train Mikala’s youngest brother, a lightsider. Darien has helped her overcome her hatred of the Jedi and with the help of several Astral talks with Master Alidar D’med, they have shown her that her Grandmother had lied to her about them. Mikala is learning to overcome her anger issues and the hurt she has nurse for many years, but she still has a long way to go.

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