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Player: Renee Gunn

Physical Description
Race:  Human
Homeworld: Nebula
Age: 26
Profession: Lady in waiting to Queen Midalah of Nebula
Height: 5'7"
Weight: n/a
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown

Personal Information
Marital Status: widowed
Spouse's Name: Rand
Children: n/a

Mother: Chryseis
Father: K'vin

Education: Formal

Force Training: No
Master's Name: n/a
Light or Dark: n/a

Psychological Description
IQ:  n/a
Fears: Failing those she loves, being alone.

Temperament: mild, but stubborn
Dislikes:  The person claiming the throne of Nebula in Midalah's place.
Pet Peeves: 
Goals in Life:  To assist the rightful Queen of Nebula to take her place
on the throne, and to protect those she loves. 

Favorite Color: Green
Pasttimes: Reading and sewing
Hobbies:  Music.  She is very musically talented, particularly vocally.

Military History
Rank: n/a
Status: n/a
Army: n/a
Branch: n/a

Special Abilities:  Vocal talents, she was trained to some extent to
fight with several weapons and hand to hand.  

Personal History:  M'lissa's mother, Chrysis was lady in waiting to
Chaitanya, Midalah's mother.  When her mother and father passed away from
an illness that struck the planet when M'lissa was very young, Chaitanya
kept M'lissa on and trained her to be a lady in waiting and companion to
Midalah if Midalah survived her illness.  Midalah did survive and M'lissa
became her best friend and confidant as Midalah was M'lissa's.  As
M'lissa grew older, they became like sisters.  One day while in the
courtyard, one of Midalah's older brothers, Rand, began a secret and long
courtship of M'lissa.  Helped by Midalah, the romance between the two
flourished and M'lissa became his wife.  The marriage was not widely
publicized and very few know of it.  When Midalah's family was killed,
including Rand, M'lissa was left behind in the castle.  She was safe due
to the fact that her now royal status was not known.  She has been moved
into the kitchen, working at meaningless chores by order of Reesha.  She
has been contacted by Midalah and those helping Midalah and she now helps
where she can as well.  She sends information that she gathers from
overhearing conversations during her chores to Midalah in an effort to
bring the rightful ruler of Nebula home and to bring those guilty of her
husband's murder to justice.

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