Mortehn of Zeltros


PLAYER: Season Irwin

NAME:  Mortehn of Zeltros, from SouthEastern Sector, Seduction Falls.
( * see SW Marvel Comics for planet and race  origin.  # 104 shows teenaged
Zeltron males, and several other issues show the character of Zeltrons in
general, plus Luke, Leia and Han's impression of them. )


AGE:  26 standard years

RACE:  Zeltron

MILITARY DIVISION:  Mercenary Guild - no affiliation otherwise.

6' 2", long limbed and muscular, but lean.  Narrow hips and waist,
broad shoulders.  Red/black hair slicked back on the sides, turmbled
forward over the forehead in waves, and shaggy at the collar.  Red
skin and eyes.  Very handsome, chisled cheekbones and jawline.
Usually clad in leather clothing, with sleeveless shirts and vests,
and wraps strands of leather around wrists and neck as jewelry.  Has
a lilting accent typical of a person from Eastern-Southern Zeltros.
Can appear very threatening when he wants to be.  BEHAVIOR:  Very
charismatic!  Very friendly.  Has manners fit for proper
socialization with royalty.  Despite his popularity, not a snob in
any way, nor an ego-maniac.  Mortehn has the gift of gab, and is able
to enchant the ladies everywhere.  Can talk people in or out of
things easily.  Sings a lot, often serenading the ladies with his
friends or by himself.  Has a very tough side to him and is often
seen wrestling and fighting with his comrades purely for fun.

A natural leader.  Good at martial types of fighting and tumbling,
Zeltronian kick-boxing, and regular fist-fighting.  Very good mech -
had a thriving private business with his partner Yahr.  Excellent aim
with onboard ship guns simulators ( practices when he has a ship to
repair that had one).  Acts as bodyguard a lot of the time out in
public for Dani.  Silver-tongued, and able to talk people in and out
of almost anything.  Beautiful singing voice with a range and quality
that makes him popular everywhere he goes, and is often employed

Carries a heavy blaster.  It is not known how many times he has

Left Zeltros at age 22 with his friend and working partner Yahr to
see the galaxy and make his living at mech work and singing at local
establishments.  Met up with Dani of Zeltros six months ago when her
ship became disabled and was invited by her to become her on-board
mech and working partner along with his buddy Yahr.  

Solitarty confinement.  Most Zeltrons do not survive well by being
alone.  Getting injured, or his working partners becoming injured.

Parties, celebrations, seeing to a ladies needs and desires, gourmet
cooking, ladies of any species, singing, scuffling with his friends,
working on ships, exercising with weights and practicing his martial
styles of fighting.  

Rudeness and hateful behavior, uncomfortable living quarters, being
alone, all work and no play, lack of a lady friend.  [  Looks like
Morten Harket of the 80s band A-Ha!  ] 

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