Name: Murenda Hein'n Player: Amanda Wilcoxen

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Reboam

Age: 15 Profession: unemployed

Height: 5'8" Weight: Average

Hair: White/Silver, worn down to the waist Eyes: Grey

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name:



Foster Father: LaCroix (pronounced as LaQua)


Education: Doesn't really have any except things she's learned from LaCroix





Force Training: No Military History:

Master's Name: Rank:

Light or Dark: Neutral right now Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: Normal Fears: Dying, appearing weak

Special Abilities: Can use a 'laser' whip and blades better than she could a blaster. Even though she doesn't admit it, she has brief moments where she can move objects with her mind. Also does well in hand to hand.

Temperament: Flippant, harsh

Likes: Haunting music, excitement

Dislikes: Traitors, liars

Pet Peeves:. Cocky people

Goals in Life: Finding a way to get both herself and LaCroix off of


Favorite Color: Maroon Drink: Juice, water, not picky

Pastime: Training with her 'laser' whip Food: Not picky, eats anything available

Hobbies: Watching people for weaknesses



Personal History:

Murenda never knew her biological parents; they were murdered and LaCroix found her when she was still a small child and took care of her. He taught her how to use the laser/electronic whip as well as hand to hand. They live in a harsh environment and Murenda is doing her best to get both her and LaCroix off of Reboam.

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