Naetasha Nemerov




Player: Manda Wilcoxen


- Physical Description -


Race: Human

Homeworld: Hyrkania

Age: 16

Profession: Thief, Adventurer 

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 138 lb.

Hair: Raven, shiny, violet/blue highlights

Eyes: Dark violet


- Personal Information -


Martial Status:

Spouse's Name:



Mother: Tesa von Phalium

Father: Nikolas Nemerov (subject to possibly change)

Siblings: Older brother, 23, Edward.


Education: School on home planet, advanced learning.


Force Training: Yes, self taught

Master's Name: None. Teaches self.

Light or Dark: Light


- Psychological Description -


IQ: Normal

Fears: Captivity, being controlled, friends dying. 


Temperament: Mild, laid back and carefree. Can be serious when time calls for it.

Likes: Adventure and action. Fights

Dislikes: Losing, Jedi and Imperials.

Pet Peeves: People who don't know when to keep quiet and talk too much.

Goals in Life: Finding peace for her parent's death


Favourite Colour: Violet

Drink: Juice, blue milk

Pasttimes: Building new devices.

Food: Chicken

Hobbies: Challenging games, chamber music. Making little dolls/figures out of wood.


- Military History -


Rank: N/A

Status: N/A

Army: N/A

Branch: N/A


Special Abilities: Flexible, Telekinesis, and Telepathic. Good with a blaster. Has the ability to make/form ice and can TK ice balls.


Personal History:


            Was born on Hyrkania (planet subject to change) and grew up there for most of her life with her parents and brother. Although her parents weren't there for most of the time, due to the fact they were too busy fighting and defending the Alliance from the Empire, and her brother was the one who brought her up. Parents were both force trained and were Jedi. Nikolas taught her brother, Edward, the uses of the force, and in turn her brother taught her since the parents were on so many missions.

            She became a good friend with Acona, who also reside on Hyrkania. The two had only a two year difference in their age and treated each other as equals. Both were action hungry and traveled together with a ship that Edward gave her. 

            Wanting to find their parents, since Acona's parents were also Jedi and good friends with Naetasha's parents, the two set course for Keltar, one of the Rebel bases at the time. When they arrived, the were separated. In Naetasha's search for both her parents and Acona, she ended up finding both her parents and Acona's parents dead. Acona soon found Naetasha with the bodies. Both were in shock and it occurred to Naetasha that there was still a battle going on and the only way to survive was to leave. So, pulling Acona away, they made a getaway. In their way to trying to get back to the ship, they found it stolen so they took escape pods.

            Days later, they landed on a dangerous/slavery planet called Reboam. Only Acona was unable to free herself in 2002. Naetasha was left there as prisoner.


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