Olnah Derrineen Rendar



Player: Debbie Silverberg

Homeworld: Tatooine, Southern Sector

Age: Around 50 (She hasn't kept track of it)

Physical Description: Light blonde hair, blue eyes, average height and weight, totally blind since birth.

Profession: Jedi, Nearly ready for knighthood

Marital Status: Single Children: None

Mother: Olnah Rendar, Deceased Father: Derell Rendar, Deceased

Education: Local Schools on Tatooine IQ: Slightly above average

Strengths: All senses, except eye sight, are finely tuned. She is outspoken about what she believes in. Olnah is very compassionate and comforting to those in need.

Weaknesses: Strong craving for chocolate when she is facing adverse situations.

Sometimes impulsive; tends to 'fly off the handle'. She has some physical limitations and health concerns: blindness, asthma, occasional muscle and tendon problems.

Fears: Unfamiliar sounds and textures, bugs and 'creepy crawlies'.

Likes: Chocolate, working with her hands/crafts, being with her friends, singing,


Dislikes: Seeing others unjustly picked on, prissy protocol droids, smart-alec males who make passes at her.

Pet Peeves: People making fun of her and trying to embarrass her because of her Southern accent, sayings, and cultural customs.

Personality/Temperament: Easy-going, most of the time, long fuse; slow-to-burn

temper. (When her temper flares, it really flares for a brief time.), Loyal, truthful, playful, determined, compassionate.

Goals in Life: To be a fully trained Jedi Knight, teacher of others, and to help those in need. She looks forward to serving as a Jedi Knight wherever she is needed.

Favorite's: Food: Chocolate Drink: Tea, Hot chocolate

Hobbies: Handicrafts, singing and dancing

Military History: None

Personal History: Olnah, along with her brother, was raised by her grandmother. Since both of her parents died when she and her brother were small children, she has lived on Tatooine all of her life. She has small traces of Corellian ancestry. She was taught the 'old ways' by her grandmother. Her brother, Jarred Derrell, worked for the Trade Federation; he was based on Alderaan. She was starting her Jedi training as the New Republic was being formed. Dash Rendar is a relative of hers from a distant branch of the family. Olnah had a very brief encounter with the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, before his death, and with a young Anakin Skywalker.

Favorite Possessions: A guide droid, BC1. (It looks a lot like R2D2 but is green instead of blue and has female qualities.) The droid was given to her by her brother on one of his visits home from Alderaan. BC1 has many special enhancements, such as chips for recording voice prints, BC1 can impersonate any voice after recording their voice prints: BC1 is also a personal assistant to Olnah.

Special Note: Olnah goes along with tradition as long as it does not interfere with things getting done in a crisis or if there is a quicker, simpler way to do something.

**NOTE** Olnah has been given a specially modified ship which is maintained and piloted by BC1. The ship is her sanctuary, not to be touched by others without her consent. She uses the cargo storage areas to store craft supplies and a stash of chocolate.

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