Pan-Fu Gwok Ho


Physical Description

Race:  Yominian Homeworld: Yominia
Age: 141 Profession: Jedi/Shaman
Height: 1.829 meters Weight: 81.647 kilograms
Hair: Black Eyes: Green

Personal Information

Character's Name: Pan-Fu Gwok Ho
Character's Division: Alliance

Marital Status: Widower
Spouse's name: Chin-Mayli Sonjana (deceased)
Daughter: Pan-Chin Anja Ritsuko daughter (deceased)
Son: Pan-Chin Mulay Raisuli (deceased)
Mother: Fu-Hsu Sumuru (deceased)
Father: Pan-Jun Gomin (deceased)
Military History:
Force Training: Illusion, Mind Probe, Telekinesis,
Telepathy. Rank: N/A
Status: N/A
Master's Name: Pan-Jun Gomin/Shao-Lei Kitaen Army: N/A
Light or Dark: Light Branch: N/A

Psychological Description

IQ: 134             Fears: Technology out of control. Special Abilities:
Blind since birth.

Temperament: Mild Mannered.  

Likes: Sentients who are inquisitive about the universe they live in.

Dislikes: People who are destructive to the universe or world they live
in or

Pet Peeves: Giving up on lost causes.

Goals in Life: To aid all life in the universe in realizing the true
of Ako-vaw.

Favorite Color: green.  Drink: Alderaanian Fir Root Tea.  Pastime:

Food: Calamarian rice cakes.  Hobbies: flute & lyre.

Personal History:

      Born over 3,000 years ago on the planet Yominia, Pan-Fu Gwok Ho
up to understand the native way of his tribe.  The native way is a strong
understanding of the balance between all life on the planet and in the
universe.  The people pray to and believe in a Great Spirit, which
all life and the universe called Wakan Tanka.  Ako-vaw is the study of
practice to commune with Wakan Tanka.  Ako-vaw is similar in most
respects to
the Jedi belief in "The Force."  The Yominian people are not ignorant of
technology, they merely shun the use.  In some things related to biology
space sciences they possess knowledge, more advance than that of the
or Alliance.
      His father Pan-Jun Gomin, as tribal custom demands, taught him from
childhood all he would need to know until his time of testing.  Since his
father was a tribal shaman, he learned the ways of peace and knowledge
the beginning.  This made him a likely candidate for the trials of
Ako-vaw to
become a Yominian Shaman.  Regardless of being born blind, he passed the
of Shamanism at an early age.  His relationship with his mother was
mainly because she was a tribal huntress.  Not only was she away on hunts
often, she didn't have the feel for Aka-vow that her husband and son did.
      Yominia was a tropical planet, a paradise in the universe.  Man,
beast, and nature lived as one, until the "The Night of Burning Skies."
was when an alien race came to Yominia in the dark of night to begin a
of terror, rape, and plunder.  The aliens came to be known as "Yellow
Blades."  The aliens left Yominia once they had stripped the planet of
natural resources and changed the orbit of Yominia through tremendous
technological forces that the Yominian people did not understand.  Pan-Fu
chosen to leave home and warn others of the Yellow Blades amongst other
shaman of other tribes.  He had no reservations in leaving his home since
family was killed by the Yellow Blades.
      After 1,000 years of travel in hyperspace, his Bio-ship came upon
galaxy that the Republic of Coruscant was in.  While on Coruscant he came
into the company of the Jedi of 2,000 years ago.  He was taught the Jedi
by Shao-Lei Kitaen a Jedi Master.  He was offered to take the trial of
knighthood.  However, he declined the honor since he disagreed with
core beliefs of the Jedi council.  Specifically‚^ņ¶There is no emotion;
there is
peace.  There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.  There is no passion;
there is serenity.  There is no death; there is the Force.
      While Pan-Fu agrees with the basic ideals, he does not agree with
he would call "certain unnecessary abstinence's."  Lack of emotion can
to peace, it also can lead to indifference.  He also values knowledge,
believes there are certain knowledge better left unknown.  While he
his serenity, he also values his passion for the universe and all
Pan-Fu met his death with other Jedi on an outer rim world called
Dosaderecha.  His walking stick became a chrysalis around him at the time
death.  The chrysalis became a Bio-ship, which bore his body home.  After
rebirth, he has only now returned to this galaxy not knowing what changes
await him.

Name of Player: Ron Wilcoxen
Address: P.O. Box 352814
Toledo, Ohio 43635-2814