Persis Devyani


NOTE: This bio of Persis was written to be only IC information for use of
the two Intell Divisions and others who have done background checks. If
you need something not listed please feel free to ask.

Physical Description

Race: Human

Homeworld: Verakkis (Imperial Territory)

Age: 22

Profession: Bureaucrat (Governor's Aide)

Height: Average

Weight: -

Hair: Black

Eyes: Indigo


Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: -

Children: -

Mother: Danya Devyani (Alive)

Father: Jusand Devyani (Alive)

Education: Standard. Average student with highest grades in mathematics
and Phys Ed.


Force Training: No

Master's Name: -

Light or Dark: -


Military History:

Rank: Former Cadet

Status: Washed out

Army: Imperial Fleet

Branch: Starfighters



Psychological Description

IQ: Above average

Fears: -

Special Abilities: -

Temperament: (Academy Psych Evaluation) Moderately loyal for career
purposes. Non leadership material. Does not handle pressure well.
(Coworkers) Opportunistic tramp

Likes: (Coworkers) Presents, wealthy or powerful men

Dislikes: (Coworkers) Mud and rain. Waiting. Dieting.

Pet Peeves: (Coworkers) Gossip, flowers

Goals in Life: Originally a career in starfighter ops. Current unknown.


Favorite Color: Purple

Drink: Unknown

Food: Coffee

Pastime: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown


Personal History:

Normal and fairly boring. Middle class upbringing with money. Persis
seems to have been fairly popular in school, a cheerleader and follower
of trends. Bit snobbish. Not stupid but didn't apply herself beyond a
certain extent without a reason. Her own transportation (red of course).

She participated in the Childrens Corp with the same coasting along
attitude until she decided to be a starfighter pilot and began paying
more attention to what they thought of her. Why she wanted to fly noone
really knew, although some suggested that she thought she looked good in
the uniform. In any case she washed out near the end, unable to handle
the fast paced combat sufficiently. Or perhaps she lost interest.

Persis went home to Verrakis and moved into the capital, Highmar City.
She soon appeared with a job in the Imperial Governor's office as an
intern. Not long after she was assigned to Governor Thromm as an aide,
given a new title and pay raise. Her coworkers were pleased to see her
go, but not her evident success and there were many who insisted she got
the promotion for sleeping with someone, probably Thromm. Like many
Governors at a distance from Imperial Center Thromm's regime is not above
dipping into government funds for private uses and if Persis was his
mistress, she wouldn't be the first or the last.

Since then Persis has been assigned a large expense account and travels
frequently on business (according to payroll vouchers anyway) including a
very large payment to Galactic Emporium.




According to her income tax for years Persis has donated regularly to the
usual prominent nonpolitical charities (March of Deci-Credits, Salvation
Army, animal shelters, Feed a War Orphan), rents an apartment in the nice
part of Highmar City and has no dependents, no pets, no roommates.

Her credit history is good, everything paid on time. Carries 2 major
credit cards though not used much (unlike in her pre Academy days).

Medical Records, the usual immunizations, childhood diseases, appendix
removed, no other hospital stays.

The payroll accounts Persis has access to show large withdrawals, signed
by Governor Thromm.




Black Sun owns the law enforcement in Thromm's region, as well as Thromm
and several legislators.

Thromm is building a fleet to defend his private shipping interests from

Persis has a tail.

Thromm's missing son was strangled to death by Thromm.

Thromm's missing son ran away to join the Alliance.

Thromm's missing son that joined the Alliance was then killed by Thromm's
flunkies. His head is in a vase in Thromm's bedroom.

Fifty thousand credits will get you a night in the Queen's Bedroom in the
Governor's Palace and breakfast with Thromm. Although she died several
hundred years ago she is reputed to have been a Jedi and sometimes
appears as a ghost to those sleeping there.

Persis has a birthmark similar to the Alliance bird logo.



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