Evaelon (A part of the Hyrkania System)


Players Name: Amanda Wilcoxen, Jackie Keeler


Places of Interest


1.) The E'geana Ocean

2.) The Lastra Mountains

3.) The Ara Valley

4.) The Mushoo River

5.) The Niev Delta



System Description


Sun: 2 -- Sheliak and Hassaleh

Sun Type: Red with a deep orange glow.

Position: Forth from Sheliak and second from Hassaleh

Moons: 3 -- Assyrian, Jael, and Naevi. Assyrian is always half with a glowing blue rim. Jael and Naevi, known as the old twins, are close together and show off violet/bluish-gray colors.

Astronomical Anomalies: Astronomers are still concluding.


Planetary Description


Location: Outer Rim


Planets: There are a total of five planets, and of the five, only two are inhabited. These two are Evaelon and Keltaer. The other three planet names are Phaet, Naos, and Caeli. There are life forms on the moons of Jael and Naevi, but those are where most Royalty retired when they get to an old age.

Climate: Not very humid, but warm-spring like weather all year around with occasional rain showers and storms.


Tech Level: Advanced

Major Exports:

Major Imports:

Government: Monarchy. Ruling family are the Crowe/Crippen. They have two children. The Family colors are red and cream with gold trim.

Religion: Varies (Mostly ancient religions)

Loyalties: Neutral

Population: 3,500,000

Nickname: The Blue Leaf


Length of Day: 28 hours

Length of Year: 369 days






Planetary History:


The Hyrkania System dates back to a time long ago, and its planets have just been recently discovered to the outside world. They were, for the longest time, and unknown civilization and kept to themselves, never wanting to get involved in other planets' affairs. Much less mingle with races that they did not have to. Most of the ancestors and the "true race" or Evaelon in particular have the gift of a slow physical aging process and also have an advanced mental growth. Their skin is also known to be somewhat glittery/sparkly. Also, the people here treat each one as an equal.


Evaelon is a very peaceful place. Even though there are Alliance and Imperials living here they rarely get into conflicts. They do not because this planet has always maintained peace and strives to maintain this peace. Since this planet is neutral, the people living here have never found it necessary to fight.


The Royal Family here is very suspicious of Port Lansing. This is because all the people from Evaelon who has gone there have never returned. Lonyay and Sicer Rouge and Tesa and Nikolas Nemerov went there in 1999 and never came back. Then the Royal Family sent out their consultant Natura Arcanum to find these Jedi. She too never returned.


They also believe that the disappearance of Naetasha Nemerov and Acona are somehow linked to Port Lansing, but are not sure officially.

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