Planetary Description
Location: N/A
Sector: n/a
Climate: Tropical in some parts, usually a level warm temperature. (Think
spring/summer most of the time)

Tech Level: A high technical level, but not up to any one sidešs

Government: Matriarch royalty

Nickname: none

Planetary History:

	Ruled under a matriarch royalty, Nebula is a peaceful
planet.  However, six years ago, the Queen and her family were
murdered by her sister, Reesha. Reesha, too old to be the queen
herself, became the queen mother, and her daughter Melantha became
the new Queen. Unbeknownst, the true heir to the throne, Midalah, did
not die, and Midalahs sister-in-law and lady-in-waiting, MLissa now
works in the kitchens thanks to one of the legislative members, that
was the only one to know MLissa had married Rand, one of Midalahs

	Nebula is a lush planet with tropical like vegetation and
flowers. Clear blue waters, and wonderful scenery. Some small
villages have been purged under Melantha and Reeshas rule, but
otherwise the planet is far from war torn.

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