Psylocke Jago Lammashta


Player: Courtney Kraft

Physical Description
Race: Humanoid
Homeworld: Bespin
Age: 22
Profession: Imperial Red Guard
Height: 5'2
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Green/Gold
Other distinguishing marks: Scar on palm of right hand.

Personal Information
Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: N/A
Children: None
Pets: White female cat named George

Mother: Larissa Lammashta (deceased)
Father: Red Lammashta (deceased)
Legal Guardian: "Master" Annan

Education: Private tutoring on Bespin.  Graduate of the Imperial Academy.
Major: Unconventional weaponry and combat.  Minor: Qualitative physics.

Force Training: Yes
Master's Name: Briefly trained by Lady Megan Trent until her disappearance.
 Currently being trained by Emperor Palpatine.
Light or Dark: Dark

Psychological Description
IQ: 136
Fears: Aeroacrophobia

Temperament: Reserved, otherwise shy until one gets to know her.  Very
determined and competitive.
Likes: Clouds, bodies of water, exercise, cats
Dislikes: Karaoke, slackers.
Pet Peeves: Tripping over the little black toaster droids in the hallways
of the Death Stars
Goals in life: For most of her life, it was to find true love, but now she
aspires to be the greatest Sith champion.

Favorite Color: Purple
Drink: Janx Spirit
Past times:  Martial arts, reading, dancing
Food: Musamun (chicken, potatoes, spinach, and peanuts in red curry)
Hobbies: Dancing, tennis, cooking

Military History
Rank: Major
Status: Active (transferred into Red Guard as of SD05262000)
Army: Imperial
Branch: Red Guard

Special Abilities: Unarmed and unconventional combat.  Has the ability to
channel the dead.

Personal History: 
	Psylocke Jago Lammshta was raised on Bespin.  She has no recollection of
her parents, and was raised by her legal guardian, Master Annan.  He never
disclosed any information about her parents, their lives, or if they were
even alive.  Psylocke spent most of her early life cooped up in Annan's
apartment where she learned how to cook and maintain a household.  Annan's
title of "Master" came from his status as a Kagura instructor.  Kagura is a
style of martial arts that includes sparring, forms, and weapons
techniques.  Annan refused to teach any students under the age of ten,
usually due to a lack to discipline.  At the age of five, Psylocke's
fascination with the art blossomed, and she begged for two years before
Annan agreed to teach her.
	Psylocke trained under Annan for the next ten years, living most of her
life in the confinement of his apartment.  This stunted her emotional
growth and social abilities, but her physical abilities and talent thrived.
 She won several tournaments locally, before moving on to intergalactic
tournaments at the red, silver, and gold sash levels.  After becoming the
intergalactic Kagura champion for her third year in a row, she was granted
an athletic scholarship to the Imperial Academy where she specialized in
unconventional combat and qualitative physics.  Currently, she gives
demonstrations at the annual Kagura championship.
	SD051995-052000:  Psylocke joined the Imperial Army just before the
destruction of the second Death Star (ROTJ), and worked as a Bothan spy
assassin.  While on her mission on Yavin IV, she was arrested by civilian
authorities and imprisoned on a murder charge.  Nine months later, the
Imperial forces rescued her.  She was later invited to work at the Port
Lansing peace talks.  Before she even had time to unpack, a skirmish, and
then a full-fledged battle erupted.  It was during these battles that she
met Vice-Admiral Gija Metieh.  Fascinated by him, she took a leave of
absence from the Army to work with him privately as a bodyguard and aide
for the next four years.
	SD051999: Port Lansing; Psylocke met Lon Solo.  Not realizing that he was
Han Solo's son at first, she started dating him.  They saw each other on an
off for a year before they realized the escalating conflict of the
	SD012000-052000: During one of her exhibitions at the Intergalactic Kagura
Championship, she caught the eye of Emperor Palpatine with her stunning
martial art skills.  A few months later, he offered her a position in the
elite Imperial Red Guard.  At first, she was awestruck at the life-changing
situation before her, but with Metieh's blessing, she accepted the new job.
 The same day, the prophet Cybil discovered a connection between Psylocke
and Octavia Syn Jinn, but could not define it.
	She moved to Coruscant, adopted a cat, and began training for the Red
Guard.  Just weeks later, Psylocke was abducted (OOC: by S'Lara Solo) and
forced to fight in arena battles on Tattooine.  During her third fight with
Octavia, the Alliance interrupted the confrontation.  Tara Alderson
Palpatine returned her to the Emperor, and shortly after, Palpatine
revealed Psylocke's heritage to her.
	(OOC to some characters): Psylocke is the granddaughter of Darth Maul.
Maul was Palpatine's protégé forty years before Psylocke was born.  Master
Annan, Psylocke's guardian and close friend to Larissa Lammashta, had been
on the trail of Maul's offspring since his death.  Thus far, no others have
been found.  Psylocke currently has no living relatives.  (Read "The
Revelation" and "Destiny's Children: Out of the Past" for more information)
	SD052001: The Emperor confronted Lon and Psylocke about their relationship
at court, but they managed to escape on one piece.  Psylocke then broke up
with Lon, knowing that she couldn't have a relationship with him if she was
to become a Sith.  Once Lon, the one truly positive influence on her, was
removed, the gates to the dark side opened and Psylocke's frightening new
powers were unleashed.   In front of the court, Psylocke channeled the
spirit of her own grandfather, Darth Maul, leaving a chilling premonition.
Throughout her stay at Port Lansing, she experienced several more episodes
of possession until they were happening as frequently as twice an hour.
Exhausted both physically and emotionally, Psylocke retreated from
everyone.  Only moments later, she was discovered by Nik-vie Windu and
Jaina Solo, with both of her wrists slashed open.  She could not recall if
one of the spirits had cut her or if she had done it to herself.  Nik-vie
took her to the rebel base where he and Serriss healed both her mind and
body, leaving a psychic link between Nik-vie and Psylocke before returning
her to the Imperials.
	Since then, Psylocke has forsaken love, and is continuing her training
with the Emperor, learning how to control her newfound powers in hope to
become the greatest Sith champion ever.

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